CheckNameHistoryBC 1.0.0-alpha

BETA Testers Welcome! Check history of name changes! (BungeeCord plugin)

  1. vk2gpz
    NOTE: This is still at its Beta stage, any feedback/bug reports would be greatly appreciated (I don't have bungeecord test environment...)

    This is a extremely simple plugin that allows you to check the history of name changes.

    • /cnh | /cnh help : displays the help menu
    • /cnh <latest_name> : displayers the history of name changes.
      NOTE: the name needs to be the latest name.
    Permission Node:
    • checknamehistorybc.admin : allows you to use /cnh <name> command
    Just drop CheckNameHistoryBC.jar in the plugins folder.

    It would be greatly appreciated for your donation to continue providing support for this plugin.