CheckPoint 1.1

A simple plugin that allows for teleportation and using checkpoints.

  1. Yupie


    CheckPoint is a simple plugin which adds one main command to set and go to checkpoints. The plugin is really useful for parkour servers or anything else you can think of.


    /checkpoint can be replaced by /cp

    /checkpoint set | Sets your checkpoint to your current location
    /checkpoint go | Goes to your last checkpoint
    /checkpoint tp <player> <target> | Teleports the <player> to the target players' checkpoint
    /checkpoint set <player> | Sets the <players>'s checkpoint


    checkpoint.set | Used for /cp set
    checkpoint.set.others | Used for /cp set <player>
    checkpoint.go | Used for /cp go | Used for /cp tp

    I'm thinking of adding more features to this plugin along the way, such as pressure plates triggering checkpoints. The plugin is meant to be very basic and I will not add too much complexity to it.

    I made this plugin because I was bored :s. Have fun with it ;)
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Recent Updates

  1. Command block support

Recent Reviews

  1. Top
    Version: 1.1
    Suitable for activities. It can work smartly. I love it and develop. Thank you. 10/10 GOOD!
  2. NiteViper
    Version: 1.1
    Very Good, Simple Plugin.
    But how do you remove a checkpoint?
    And btw command blocks dont work.
  3. woeterman_94
    Version: 1.0
    Good plugin!
    But please allow us to use this plugins in command blocks, so we can create checkpoints in parkour! =D
    1. Yupie
      Author's Response
      You can put "checkpoint set @p" in the command block to set a checkpoint for the player