Chess 1.6

The best war game ever for your server!

  1. Laurynas64
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:

    Hello! I, as a chess lover, created this plugin to give servers unique content and to attract more smart players into your server (like me :D). I hope I will find this plugin in someone's server one day... :)

    2020-09-05_10.28.35.png 2020-09-05_10.34.53.png 2020-09-05_10.34.08.png 2020-09-05_10.35.37.png


    • Complete implementation of the rules of chess game.
    • Plugin has in-game configuration commands.
    • Plugin uses Elo-rating system to calculate player rating
    • Chess tiles are made from item frames and maps in them.
    • Every game has 2 boards. One for white prospective and another for black prospective.
    • Every board has 4 figures at the bottom for pawn promotion.
    • Board has surrender button.
    • Every text and word of plugin is changeable. You can translate plugin into your language.
    • To make a move, all you have to do is left-click on the board.
    • You can create boards as many as you want.
    • Plugin has betting system(owner can set custom bets for each board).
    • You can set hologram text for game info.
    • You can set and remove time limits.
    • Once the game starts players get a levitation effect(if set), so there has to be ceiling above the boards. I recommend making that ceiling out of barrier blocks or glass blocks, so other players could watch the game.
    • When a player leaves the server during a game, the opponent instantly wins.
    Any donation for this work and future updates will be greatly appreciated.

    • /mchess createboard <board name>
    • /mchess removeboard <board name>
    • /mchess info
    • /mchess board <board name> hologram set <x> <y> <z>
    • /mchess board <board name> hologram remove
    • /mchess board <board name> info
    • /mchess board <board name> joinbutton add <button name>
    • /mchess board <board name> joinbutton remove <button name>
    • /mchess board <board name> joinbutton removebet <button name>
    • /mchess board <board name> joinbutton setbet <button name> <material> <amount>
    • /mchess board <board name> setwhitestartlocation <x> <y> <y>
    • /mchess board <board name> setblackstartlocation <x> <y> <y>
    • /mchess board <board name> setoutlocation <x> <y> <y>
    • /mchess board <board name> setcancelbutton <x> <y> <y>
    • /mchess board <board name> setlevitation <true/false>
    • /mchess board <board name> timelimit set <minutes>
    • /mchess board <board name> timelimit remove
    • /chessratings top
    • /chessratings player <player name>



    1. Download MinecraftChess
    2. Move the MinecraftChess.jar into your plugins folder
    3. Run your server
    4. Use plugin commands to set up boards.
    please rate the plugin and leave a response with your suggestions or bugs found

    Any donation for this work and future updates will be greatly appreciated.

Recent Reviews

  1. krisblom
    Version: 1.6
    Great plugin! Keep up the awesome work! I'm a fellow chess player myself and this made me so happy to see.
    1. Laurynas64
      Author's Response
      thanks for the review!
  2. Towkio
    Version: 1.35
    I've been waiting for a plugin like this for so long. The last decent chess plugin I remember using was way back in like 2012 and its no longer supported. This plugin does it all in a very intuitive way and I am in love :)

    I wish the best for the development of this plugin, if you are looking for a chess plugin; look no further.
    1. Laurynas64
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the kind words and for the generous donation!!!
  3. Xaver106
    Version: 1.35
    Really Great Chess Plugin! Easy to setup and use. The simplistic icons are well done and easy to understand.
    The Dev is really active and implements feature-requests really quick.
    Great Work!
  4. OcThomas
    Version: 1.2
    I like this plugin~ But there is a little Spelling mistakes:"# cancel_button: coordinates of button, block, sign or something else taht works as cancel button when you right-click on it"

    so it's "that" and it's not "taht" right?

    Please keep updating it! :)
  5. OR3O
    Version: 1.2
    The plugin works perfectly fine, but it'd be nice if you could set the games up using commands instead of editing the config since for most people it'd be quite confusing.
    1. Laurynas64
      Author's Response
      I have to agree with you. Next update will include this.