Chest Transferer [1.2]

A new way to die and get back items !

  1. Arest
    At first i just want to say that im not really good at english so if im wrong then .... Continue
    Introduction :
    - This plugin will places a chest at the location you die and stores all the items you have into that chest . This help a lot when you get struggle with ClearLag,...This chest will automatically remove if you dont take all the items out but dont worry items will drop on the ground . NOTE : This plugin will only run when you get killed by a player . Many features more and you would try it out your self ..... One more thing that if you have the money when you die it will spawn at a Bounty Rune and a player can pick up and get your Money !( Get killed by a player )
    Features :
    - Economy Supports !
    - Easy configuration !
    - Adding potions effects to Rune and Rune name !
    - Able to lock the chest with a block above only killed player can destroy that block and the chest below ( Chest and Lock will automatically remove too ! )
    - Support remove timer !
    - Auto remove chest !
    - Auto remove lock !
    - Support rune and money material types !
    - (And so many more that i cant remember.... )
    Commands: - /gg - Help you to suicide...
    Permissions :

    Installation :
    - Step 1 : Download the plugin !
    - Step 2 : Download Holographics Display and Vault [REQUIRE]
    Link Vault:
    Link Holographics Display :
    - Step 3 : Put it all in your plugins folder !
    - Step 4 : Run the server and use !

    Preview plugin :
    Still waiting ....
    Default Configuration :
    Code (Text):
    #This is the item you will get when pickup the rune

    Name: "MoneyPaper"
    Material: PAPER
    Bounty Rune Money: 20
        - "&6This is a rune !"
        - "&6Just a normal rune !"
    #This is the part that you can change the rune name and the rune material type
    #20 Ticks = 1 Second
    #600 Ticks = 30 Second
    RuneName: Bounty Rune
    RuneMaterial: GOLD_NUGGET

    #This is the part that you can change the time when the chest and the lock get removed !
    #300 Ticks = 15 Giay

    ChestName: "Dead Chest"
    Chest Remove Timer: 600
    Locker Remove Timer: 300
    Enable Locker: true
    Enable Auto Remove Chest: true

    #Recommend true on Auto Remove Chest !!!

    #This is the potions effect part
    Speed Potion: true
    Fire Resistance Potion: false
    Damage Increase Potion: false
    Invisibility Potion: false
    Regeneration Potion: false
    Night Vision Potion: false
    Water Breathing Potion: false
    Fast Digging Potion: false

    Note : 20 Ticks = 1 Second

    Speed-Time: 1200
    FireResistance-Time: 1200
    DamageIncrease-Time: 1200
    Invisibility-Time: 1200
    Regeneration-Time: 1200
    NightVision-Time: 1200
    WaterBreathing-Time: 1200
    FastDigging-Time: 1200

    #Applifiy : default is 2 . Means when you run Speed x2[English]

    Speed Amount: 2
    Damage Increaser Amount: 2
    Invisibility Amount: 2
    Regeneration Amount: 2
    Fire Resistance Amount: 2
    Night Vision Amount: 2
    Water Breathing Amount: 2
    Fast Digging Amount: 2

    To do list :
    - Player can create rune with commands !
    - Can adding rune to mobs when die !
    - Adding more drop and loot to the rune !
    - Can lock the chest in a period of time [Configable]

    Images : [​IMG] [​IMG] Support the plugin ?
    You can always contact me or comment below for more ideas and bugs report.
    Update log :
    My facebook : >>>Click<<< ( Im a Vietnamese )
    Thanks you guys for watching this post !
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