ChestAccess 1.0.0

Access your chests anywhere on the server with a simple command.

  1. JungleSociety
    Hello, this is a Bukkit plugin that I thought of while Mining and my pickaxe broke xD. The plugin is called ChestAccess and it allows you to access your physical chest blocks anywhere on the server. For example, if you were mining on a server and you needed to get some wood out of a chest that's in your base, however you don't want to travel all the way back to your base, so you do /chest {chest name} and it will open the chest at your base without actually being at the base! That's basically what this plugin does. Also note that this plugin can use vault to charge people when they access and/or set their chest. However Vault is not required and you can disable economic features in the config file.

    • Access chest anywhere on the server.
    • Limit the amount of chests available to be set-up using permission nodes
    • Configurable pricing for opening chest and setting chest
    • Permission node to bypass the payment on /chest and /setchest
    • Enable or disable economy in config
    • Uses UUID's to support name changing
    • /SetChest {Name} - Use this while looking at a chest to set-up a chest
    • /Chest {Name} - Use this to access the chest you set-up anywhere on the server
    • /ChestList - Lists all of the chests you have set-up
    • /DelChest {Name} - Deletes the chest with the name provided
    • /ChestAccess - Shows all commands and information about the plugin
    • /GiveChest - Haven't really tested it, but you can set up a chest for another player with this.
    • chestaccess.setchest - Access to /setchest
    • chestaccess.chest - Access to /chest
    • chestaccess.chestlist - Access to /chestlist
    • chestaccess.delchest - Access to /delchest
    • - Access to /chestaccess
    • chestaccess.economybypass - If you have this permission you wont get charged to do /chest or /setchest! (Good if you want to give a better rank)
    • chestaccess.amount.x - Replace 'x' with the number of chests you want a user to create. (For example: "chestaccess.amount.5" would allow for 5 chests to be created by that specific group)
    • chestaccess.amount.unlimited - Set-up an unlimited amount of chests (Good if you want to give a better rank)
    • chestaccess.givechest - Access to /givechest
    Planned Upcoming Features:
    • Test /givechest
    • Access chests of other players
    • Lock chests with this command
    • Restrict the setting of chests if the chest is claimed by another person with Lockette or LWC or claimed by an opposing Faction or Town (Towny)

    If you come on my server ( while I'm on (My IGN is JungleSociety) I would be happy to show you how this plugin works.

    Well, that's about it. Let me know of any bugs/errors you encounter or anything that you want me to change/add. Thanks!