Chester+ 2.0

This plugins allows you to put items into a chest

  1. BoyKhaled
    About this plugin
    This plugins allows you to put items into a chest and left click it with a wand (/gifter give or /gifter giverandom) and it will give all the items you put in the chest into all the current online players. These will also keep all the items meta/data (lore/display name/enchantments etc...) so you can give you players kits/keys/etc..

    Need help?
    You're only reading this if you don't get it. For this plugin to perform you must:

    1. Place down a chest so you can put items in to give it to your players.
    2. Put items in your chest.
    3. Type in chat /gifter give so you can get a wand so you can start the gifting event. (Left click)
    4. It will give the items in 60 seconds (1minute) so the players have time to put there items up.
    Commands : Description - Permission

    /gifter give : Gives you a wand so you to start a gifting event - Gifter.give

    /gifter help : Shows you how to use this plugin - Everyone has access to this

    /gifter giverandom : Gives you a wan so you can start a giveaway - Gifter.giverandom

    /gifter : Shows you all the commands and what type do - Everyone has access to this

    GIFT/GIVEAWAY EVENT : Starts the giveaway/gift event - Gifter.give

    Whats new?
    - Added give away wand, gives items in chest to a random player.

    - Fixed a bug

    1. Fixed a item separating bug when you put an item | nothing | item.
    Know bugs
    - You need to make sure there are no gaps between each item ex: item | nothing | item. you can't have any spaces between items and they must start from the first row. - Fixed in v 0.2

    - If you come across any bugs that aren't already known, please make a ticket and report them.

    Future Features?
    - Adding a "give away", when you put all the items into a chest then you left click it with a give away wand - Added in v0.2

    - Gift previews, when you type /gifter preview it opens an inventory of all the items that you're getting.
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