Chestlcon+ 1.8


  1. Mr.Luffy
    ChestIcon+ is an add-on plugin to the ChestShop plugin. Add Item Icons to your ChestShop shops!

    ChestIcon+ will add floating items to the tops of the chests that are shops made with ChestShop. This plugin is very simple... plug, and play with a very simple config.yml. Once the plugin is installed, any shop that you make, in the worlds you allow, will be given an icon. (This plugin will not add icons to existing shops. Shops must be remade to gain icons.)

    ChestIcon+ has a simple config (, no commands, and no permissions! If you have any suggestions to improve this add-on, please let us know!

    NOTE: Original credit goes to ChestIcon created & maintained by:

    NOTE: This plugins requires the following plugin dependencies: