ChestLink V1.0

Linking chests was never so easy!

  1. jeroen053
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    What is Chestlink?
    Chestlink is a plugin that allows you to link 2 or more chests together, so that they always share the same inventory! This is great for situations where you need to access chests in a giant map, and need some sort of a control room or filling area! Next to linkiing chests the plugin can also block a chest's inventory, so no one can take anything out of it.

    What commands does Chestlink have?
    - cl add <name> <number> - Add to/Create a chestlink
    - cl remove <name> - Removes all chests in a link
    - cl block - Block the chest inventory from being interactable
    - cl unblock - Unblock the chest inventory
    - cl bypass - Allow a staffmember to bypass chests

    What permissions does Chestlink have?
    envoy.chestlink - Allows all the above commands

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