ChestRandomizer 3.0

A lightweight plugin to empty and refill chests on your server with random items.

  1. Version 3.0 - Command Line Update

    This update adds in-game functionality for editing the config.yml using commands.

    Along with a better developed help menu and incorporation of better anti-dupe with stacks, this update features the ability to create/remove chests as well as set or remove regions from those chests, all using in-game commands.

    For now, tiers must still be configured manually in the interest of preventing errors with Spigot Material.
  2. 2.2

    Added stack-limit and default-stack-limit keys in config that allow for players to change the maximum amount of items that stackable items can be stacked to. (Suppose you set stack-limit: 5 in some tier. When chests of that tier are being filled, stackable items will be filled in stacks of 1 through 5.)
  3. 2.1 v3

    Hashmap updates and optimization of imports
  4. 2.1 v2

    Code optimizations enhancing flow as well as removing need for chest-list
  5. Version 2.1 - Random Tiers Update

    Added support for multiple random tiers. Now, and tiers in config.yml that contain the word 'random' will be classified and executed as a random tier. This has slight changes for naming conventions (standard tiers can't be named with random) and config.yml editing (tiers with names containing random must be customized as such).
  6. Version 2.0 - Multi-world Update

    +Added multi-world support for enhanced functionality
    +Class structure in source code for better flow and runtimes
    ~Fixed minor errors
  7. Version 1.2.1

    Deleted some troubleshooting messages I forgot to take out before uploading v1.2
  8. Version 1.2

    Added the random option for chest tiers which allows for a random tier to be selected for chests of this tier based on a fixed probability. Check the Wiki for tutorials, and my discord for questions and ideas!