ChestRegen 3.2.2

Lightweight chest regeneration plugin

  1. Drepic
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9

    Chest Regen

    This lightweight plugin is an easy to use chest regeneration plugin.


    Note: Only use /cr report <msg> when you're having issues with the plugin.

    • Admins can easily make Regen chests instead of refilling chests every time they run out
    • Multiverse Support
    • Instant Regen (on Command)
    • Regen all Chests with one command
    • Permissions Support
    • Saves item enchantment
    • Saves item durability
    • Saves item slot location
    • Saves item Metadata
    • Item Display Name Compatibility
    • Written Book Compatibility
    • Instant Regen Support
    • Infinite Dispenser Support
    • Developer API (Documentation soon)
    • Enchanted Book Support
    • Per-Player Loot
    • Auto-Update
    • Full Dispenser Compatibility
    • Set all chests in a world
    • Set all chests within a radius
    • MySQL Support (Recommended instead of yml)
    Note: If you're switching from yml to MySQL you must go through these steps.
    1. In the config, set Use_MySQL to 'false' and ymlToSQL to 'true'.
    2. Start and stop your server
    3. Set ymlToSQL to 'false' and Use_MySQL to 'true'


    Showcase (Old command syntax)

    A lot of time and work goes into this plugin. If you enjoy it or find it useful, donate to support further development.

    If the above doesn't work, send to my paypal [email protected]
    View the donor list here!

    • If you have an issue or suggestion message me directly
    • FAQs are located on my website.
    You may find previous versions here

    Before giving a review
    • Read the forum for possible solutions to any issues you are having
    • PM me Make sure to give any information that may be helpful
    • Do not review based on any bugs you have as I may not have updated for the version you are utilizing and it reflects poorly and incorrectly on my hard work
    • If all of the above is taken care of and you have something constructive, or nice to say about the plugin of course leave a review. Otherwise, reviews are not for bug reporting.
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    Note: This is from when ChestRegen was on bukkit :)

    Ive had to remove some links here are direct downloads for missing versions. here are the direct downloads. and here are some more (3.2.0 and later)

    ChestRegen is currently going through a complete rewrite. Please be patient, this rewrite will be much more efficient and less buggy. The latest version is built on a backbone that doesn't adhere to my current standards and therefore I am undertaking a complete rewrite.

Recent Updates

  1. Bukkit compatability
  2. Removed link
  3. Added update command

Recent Reviews

  1. Koora
    Version: 3.2.2
    Not compatible with 1.12, that's all.
  2. CaioVillar
    Version: 3.2.2
    can you fix this plugin because it's not let me enter on the commands and on my cmd is not seeing tho...
  3. LiLgOdS
    Version: 3.2.2
    can you fix this plugin because it's not let me enter on the commands and on my cmd is not seeing tho...
  4. Firosee
    Version: 3.2.2
    Good plugin, But for the chestpack, Is there a way to add items in game ? So i can add items from other plugins instead of the general items ? Thanks.
  5. Reviron
    Version: 3.2.2
    A very good plugin, I love, it's a very good job !!!
    questions, Work in 1.10 ?
  6. DaedraCraft
    Version: 3.2.2
    When I do the plugin, nothing pops up! I do /cr, and instead of seeing a message, I see nothing. I do /chestrefill, still, nothing. I tried restarting it, I tried to uninstall and reinstall, I tried everything. All it does is nothing. It's just blank in my chatbox, and i tried to fix it, didn't work. Please fix!
    1. Drepic
      Author's Response
      This is a common issue which has a solution in the FAQ. Make sure SQL is enabled and correctly configured, or that it is disabled please.
  7. AsianWiz
    Version: 3.2.2
    Too confusing to use. No clear instructions and errors out all the time; even with the correct arguments in place. FAQ provided no help other than the SQL part. No examples for configuration either.
    1. Drepic
      Author's Response
      As I have stated, this is an old archaic plugin. I'm sorry you're having issues. There is going to be a rewrite, which WILL have documentation, better preformance, and usability.

      I hope you find an alternative in the meantime.
  8. robotnik
    Version: 3.2.2
    This is a plugin I definitely find very useful. I use it in combination with the Skullturrets plugin to make turrets which never run out of ammo near spawn. Does its job well and I haven't had any problems with it, plus the author has been keeping it up to date, even before this plugin was on spigot.
  9. BKJCraft
    Version: 3.2.2
    Your Plugin looks intersting and good! but Badluck for my server because your plugin not working on my server
    Is your project support in 1.8.8 ?
  10. Volkenstein
    Version: 3.2.2
    I wanted to edit my earlier review but I couldnt figure out how-- the maker of this plugin submitted an update within 30 min of me describing a situation I had with it because I was still using the craftbukkit.jar AND he helped me with an issue I was having with the commands-- the other reviews are true- this dev is very responsive