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A simple, yet powerful system for making physical shops using signs and chests. [Updated Dependency]

  1. SherwoodGaming
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Disclaimer: I did not create this plugin, I am taking on the responsibilities of updating the dependency and addressing any further bugs in the future. ChestShop does not work for any other version beyond 1.12 without update dependency and it is a constant struggle to manage and update these, especially when the user lacks the knowledge to do so.

    Original Author: AcroBot

    A simple, yet powerful system for making physical shops using signs and chests.

    It's never been that easy to create shops! With features like shop protection and anti-lag protection, you won't have to worry about your server's economy anymore! You won't have to worry about your server's economy anymore!

    This plugin submits anonymous stats about your server, items such as; player count, plugin/server version and type to a public statistics website - mcstats.org - in order to provide the developer with usage information. If you wish to opt out, you can do so in the PluginMetrics/config.yml file

    This plugin requires the following

    - Vault

    How to create a shop
    1.) Place a chest on the ground
    2.) Place a sign on the chest, or directly abve it (on a wall)
    3.) Write the following on the sign ----->

    Example of completed ChestShop sign

    --- Administrator Shop ---
    1.) Place a chest on the ground
    2.) Place a sign on the chest, or directly above it (on a wall)
    3.) Write the following on the sign, but add on the first line ADMIN SHOP ------>

    Administrator shops provide unlimited items.

    Permission Nodes:
    ChestShop.* - All ChestShop Permissions
    ChestShop.shop.* - shop creation and buying/selling
    ChestShop.shop.create.* - create all types of shops
    ChestShop.shop.buy - buy any item from shop
    ChestShop.shop.sell - sell any item to shop
    ChestShop.modopen - any shop chest, destroy stores
    ChestShop.admin - open - any shop chest, destroy stores, create admin shops


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  1. -= ChestShop =- | 1.13.2 Spigot|Bukkit

Recent Reviews

  1. Mr_Wewro
    Version: v3.9
    Sehr gutes Plugin ich habe jedoch ein Problem wie kann ich machen das andere leute auch auf anderen Plots kaufen k├Ânnen
  2. zyrin
    Version: v3.9
    it works fine on my 1.15.2 server! no bugs so far yay lol
    Great plugin would recommend
  3. Coffeecurley
    Version: v3.9
    Works great! Have been using you're plugin for a long time. Is there a plan for a 1.15 version of the plugin?
  4. Tobias575
    Version: v3.9
    Awesome Plugin
  5. 34486
    Version: v3.9
    Awesome plugin, used it for years! I have a suggestion, can you make it so players can put a sign on a chest, put items in that chest and the items will get sold as long as there is an adminshop with the price on it so it can sell, OR point to any other price config file, such as essentials one. THANKS!
  6. Nodio
    Version: v3.9
    There is no exlanation or fully documentation, example, on permission, there is chestshop.create.* but not individual chestchop.create.sell or buy, so we dont know how to crete only buy permission to vips, author must have more attention to players
  7. Mineoz
    Version: v3.9
    Extremely disappointed - Does not work at all. Have been using this plugin for years, now need to look for an alternate
  8. Olzie-12
    Version: v3.9
    Does not send most of the messages. When a player buys a item it does not say they have bought it, also when you do /iinfo it says that an error has occurred
  9. redjambo
    Version: v3.9
    This plugin is not fully updated to 1.13.2 like it says it is, it is not possible to sell elytra, phantom membranes, dragon heads, shulker shell plus whatever else I haven't tested.
    I have messaged in the discussion area about these problems and like many others, I have had no response from either the original author or the new person stating that they are keeping it up to date.

    The reason for 2 stars instead of 1 is because the items that it does work with, don't have problems and I like that you can set a minimum and maximum buy/sell price.

    I would be happy to re review this plugin if it is updated to allowed us to sell all items plus enchanted items and maybe even filled shulker boxes (like GChestShop).

    I'm not a fan of leaving bad reviews, but seeing as discussing the problems clearly doesn't get you anywhere, I feel that anybody wanting to download this plugin has the right to know about the lack of support that they will receive. And that they cannot sell all items.
    1. SherwoodGaming
      Author's Response
      I sincerely apologize, I took a very much need break from the internet for awhile. I've been falling behind in some things IRL and need to take that break. But I am going to try and update this plugin to 1.14 and make it backwards compatible.
  10. pvini07BR
    Version: v3.9
    this plugin have a problem: its not detecting vault. and when i start the server, i create a sign and i click and nothing happens. I dont know if is i am doing wrong or the plugin is not detecting vault.