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ChestShop Sales Notifications and Recording

  1. Phoenix616
    Source Code:
    CSN was originally developed by BetaBlaze and released to BukkitDev. I took over the project in 2014 when the UUID update came around and have been maintaining it since then. Because most of my plugins are already on Spigot I decided to release the latest update here too.

    ChestShop Notifier (CSN) is a plugin that records ChestShop transactions to a MySQL database. When a shop owner logs onto the server, they will be presented with an option to view sales from when they were offline.

    • /csn help → Shows available commands
    • /csn history [<page>] → Shows sale history and marks them as read
    • /csn history [<username> [<page>]] → Shows sale history of another player
    • /csn clear [<usernamse>] → Removes all read entries (from the database)
    • /csn cleandatabase → Remove database entries. Parameters:
      --older-than, -o days → Removes entries older than days
      --user, -user username/uuid → Removes entries from a single user only
      --read-only, -r → Removes only read entries, default behaviour
      --all, -a → Removes all entries
    • /csn upload → Forces the plugin to upload all data to the database (in v1.1 and higher this should be only used after database connection problems!)
    • /csn reload → Reloads configuration and connects to database using new config
    • /csn convert → Converts the database table csn to UUIDs. (table csn gets converted in csnUUID and the username table renamed to csnOLD)
    • csn.user → Allows user to receive notifications when they log in, and access to /csn history.
    • csn.admin → Super permission node. Access to all commands. (especially upload, reload and convert)
    For all permissions take a look at the plugin.yml.

    Code (Text):
    # Chest Shop Notifier
    # Config file for 1.2

      admin-shop: true

      notify-on-user-join: true
      delay-seconds: 5

      max-rows: 10

      verbose: true

      host: 'localhost'
      port: 3306
      dbname: 'database1'
      username: 'dbadmin'
      password: '123456'

      enabled: false
      parameters: "--older-than 30 --all"

      sales: "&c ** You made &f{sales} sales&c since you last checked."
      history-cmd: "&c ** To see them, type &f/csn history&c."
      history-caption: "&dChestShop Notifier // &7Latest Commissions"
      history-empty: "&cNothing to show."
      history-bought: "&f+ &9{player} &7bought &a{count}x&9{item} &f{timeago} ago &a(+{money})"
      history-sold: "&f- &9{player} &7sold you &c{count}x&9{item} &f{timeago} ago &c(-{money})"
      history-footer-page: "&c- Page &f{current}&c/&f{pages}&6 - &7/csn history <page>"
      history-footer-clear: "&c- To remove all old entries, type /csn clear"
      history-clear: "&cHistory cleared! New sales will continue to be recorded."
      history-marked-read: "&cUnread entries marked read!"
    • Functional MySQL server. This plugin only uses MySQL, nothing else.
    • ChestShop installed and running.

    Installation Instructions
    Installing this plugin is simple. Just download and drag ChestShopNotifier.jar into your server's plugins directory.

    Next, restart and log into your server. When you try to use /csn history, you'll receive an error that the database isn't connected. Follow these steps to get it working:
    1. Open the plugin folder (/plugins/ChestShopNotifier)
    2. Edit the config.yml with your database settings (feel free to change other config as well)
    3. Save the file
    4. In-game, run /csn reload to reload config and connect to the database.
    If it says the database was connected, you're good to go!

    Planned Features
    To request features open an issue!
    • UUIDsupport done in v1.1.2
    • Look up the sales of offline players done in v1.1.2
    • Ignore ChestShop's Admin Shop done in v1.1.2
    • History pagination done in v1.2
    • SQLite support done in v1.3.3
    • Auto updater & version checker
    • Translation system (partially done in v1.1.2, you can set your own messages in the config)
    For all changes take a look at the commits!

    Source Code & Dev Builds
    Feel free to comment with your ideas, bugs, or requests, ideally by opening an issue on the github repo.
    If you really want to donate monetarily then click here.

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    You will find this link on the GitHub:

    The resource page here is two years out of date and offers a download which isn't suitable for 1.13.2 servers. Use the link above instead. Hopefully this resource page is updated soon. One of the very few plugins I run that doesn't have issues with MySQL.
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