ChestShopNotifier 1.3.3

ChestShop Sales Notifications and Recording

  1. ChestShopNotifier 1.3.3

    A lot of changes have happened since the last release so here are just the most important things in this update:
    • Added compatibility to ChestShop 3.12 API
    • Added SQLite support (#28)
    • Ability to view and clear history of other users (based on ChestShop's shop access permissions) and the admin shop by using /csn history <name> [<page>] and /csn clear <name>.
    • Make all messages configurable...
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  2. ChestShopNotifier 1.2.1

    • Fix /csn clear removing unread instead of read entries
    • Fix /csn cleandatabase's all option/default remove read only mode being inverted
    • Fix /csn history not working in some cases