ChestSort (+ API) 13.2.0

Sorts your chests + inventory! Supports WorldGuard etc. (100 % customizable + auto config update)

  1. mfnalex
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
    Please post feature requests and bug reports in the discussion, at GitHub or on Discord.

    Tired of sorting your chests?
    Let's spend less time on organizing, and more on playing!




    When using Minecraft 1.15 or below, please use version 11.5.6
    When using Minecraft 1.13 or below, please use version 9.5.1
    ChestSort can automatically sort every chest, barrel, etc. after you have used it. Every player can enable or disable this feature if desired with the simple command /sort (or /chestsort). Players can also sort their own inventory using the command /invsort, or automatically using /invsort on|off. You can also use hotkeys (middle-click, double-click, shift-click and shift+right-click) within player inventories, chests etc. to have them sorted, if you do not wish automatic sorting.

    The chest contents are sorted by category and/or alphabetically and stackable things will be stacked. By default, items will be put before blocks. Automatic sorting will work with chests, enderchests, shulker boxes, barrels, minecarts with chest and player inventories. The same applies to using hotkeys.

    Wool, Terracotta and other dyeable blocks will also be sorted by color, tools by their material, etc. The sorting algorithm can be changed. There is absolutely no chance of item loss / duplication or metadata corruption! Guaranteed! :)

    By default, sorting is disabled. Players need the "chestsort.use" permission to use chest sorting, or the "chestsort.use.inventory" permission to sort their inventory.

    If a player uses a chest for the first time after logging in, they will be shown a text on how to enable automatic chest sorting if they have the permission to use ChestSort. Sorting can also be disabled for certain worlds.

    (see below for more screenshots and videos)

    All messages are customizable. Includes English, Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish language.

    ChestSort works with 1.8 - 1.16! (When using versions older than 1.14, please use ChestSort 9.5.1)

    /sort or /chestsort
    Toggle your sorting settings using a 100% customizable GUI

    /sort on|off|toggle or /chestsort on|off|toggle
    Enable/disable automatic chest sorting

    /sort hotkeys or /chestsort hotkeys
    Open the hotkeys GUI to enable/disable hotkeys per player.

    /sort help or /chestsort help
    Display help about the /sort command

    /invsort or /isort
    Sort the player's inventory.

    /invsort hotbar or /isort hotbar
    Sort the player's hotbar.

    /invsort all or /isort all
    Sort the player's inventory and hotbar.

    /invsort toggle or /isort toggle
    Toggle automatic inventory sorting

    /invsort on|off or /isort on|off
    Enable/disable automatic inventory sorting

    /invsort help or /isort help
    Display help about the /invsort command

    Allows usage of automatic chest sorting and the /sort (and /chestsort) command.

    Allows usage of automatic inventory sorting and the /invsort (and /isort) command.

    Allows to reload the config using the /sort reload (and /chestsort reload) command.

    There are more permissions, e.g. for each individual, but they are all enabled by default. See config.yml for more information.

    If you don't want to use a permissions plugin, you can also set "use-permissions" to false in the config.yml to allow every player to use ChestSort.

    You can use hotkeys to sort inventories without having to enter commands. This is useful if you only want to sort chests from time to time without having to enable the automatic sorting, or if you quickly want to sort your player inventory. Each hotkey can be enabled/disabled in the config.yml. By default, all hotkeys are enabled. Additionally, players can enable/disable each hotkey individually by running /chestsort hotkeys

    There are also two hotkeys to quickly fill/empty a chest/barrel/etc. from your inventory by left-clicking (filling) or right-clicking (emptying) outside of the chest's inventory.

    Sorting Hotkeys
    Middle click
    Middle click (mousewheel) on ANY inventory slot
    Important: Middle-Click does not work in MC 1.18+ because of client changes. There won't be any errors, middle-click will simply not be detected. I will change this to a different hotkey soon for 1.18+ users.

    Shift click
    Shift + left click on any EMPTY inventory slot

    Double click
    Double click on any EMPTY inventory slot

    Shift + right click
    Shift + right click on any EMPTY inventory slot

    Additional Hotkeys
    Left-Click a container
    Sorts the clicked container (chest, barrel, shulker box, etc.)

    Left-Click outside inventory

    Puts all matching stuff (except hotbar) into the chest, barrel etc.

    Double-Left-Click outside inventory
    Puts all items (except hotbar) into the chest, barrel etc.

    Right-Click outside inventory
    Puts matching items from the chest, barrel etc. into your inventory

    Double-Right-Click outside inventory
    Empties the whole chest, barrel etc. into your inventory


    Video & Screenshots


    WorldGuard and other protection plugins
    ChestSort will only sort chests that the player has access to. In other words: when some other plugin like WorldGuard prevents access to the chest, then ChestSort will not sort this chest.
    This applies to all plugins that cancel the InventoryOpenEvent, as ChestSort will only sort when the InventoryCloseEvent is called.
    Furthermore, chests will not be sorted if the player is a spectator or in adventure mode.

    To view the source code, please visit

    Please contact us here or at github when you encounter any bugs or have any ideas for improvements.

    If your language is not yet supported, just change the messages in the config file yourself. We will be happy to include the language in the next update if you send us your translation.

    ChestSort uses bStats to gather Metrics. You can disable this by editing the plugins/bstats/config.yml file. View the statistics at

    Please note that sorting in versions before 1.13 can be a bit random sometimes, because some item names were inconsistent (e.g. acacia stairs in 1.8 are named "acacia_stairs", while oak planks are just called "planks".) The sorting algorithm has been optimized for 1.13+ only.

    The sorting algorithm is extremely fast and should not have any effect on your server performance. Sorting a double chest takes about a quarter of a millisecond.

    3rd party Plugins
    ChestSort can hook into certain 3rd party plugins if they are installed on your server to allow better sorting for custom items.

    All CrackShot weapons will be grouped together and will be put into the default weapons category.

    ChestSort will ignore the "Next Page" and "Prev. Page" buttons when you have InventoryPages installed, so that your GUI does not get messed up.

    Better Shulker Boxes / Minepacks / ShulkerPacks
    Sort your backpacks just like every other chest! Should work with almost every backpack plugin.

    Plugins using GUI inventories
    ChestSort tries to detect GUI inventories created by 3rd party plugins. If this detection fails, please message me at GitHub so that I can add support for that plugin.

    API for plugin developers

    ChestSort provides a method to sort any Inventory instance, using the advanced grouping features that ChestSort provides! Read more about the API here.

    If your plugin uses the ChestSort API, feel free to message me and I will be happy to list it here.

    Default configuration

    The configuration file is automatically generated if it does not exist. On every new ChestSort release, the config file will be updated to include the newest options. Your changes will be kept.

    You can view the default configuration file here.

    Other Plugins by me
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    Version: 13.2.0
    Great as always. Thanks for keeping this maintained and for updating so quick :)
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    :) Very nice .
    1. mfnalex
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :3
  3. visij
    Version: 13.1.0
    This works so great on my server and my friends absolutely love it. I like the ease of access to the GUI in-game and the other options available for easy sorting with the hotkeys. Thank you very much:)
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      Thanks for the review :3
  4. Dipp3r
    Version: 13.1.0
    The plugin is nice but is there any chance to do it automatically, it will automatically set the players' chests and their inventory
    1. mfnalex
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      Yes, of course. Its also explained in the description. But the review section is not for support. Join my Discord if you have questions.
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    Very expanded plugin, works perfectly in every case and being updated as soon there is a bug, recommend the perfect dev
    1. mfnalex
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    Version: 12.1.4
    Very powerful chest sort plugin. It can recognize inventory that was created as a GUI correctly and avoid making the inventory into a mess.
    Should be used in every server.
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    Version: 12.1.4
    This has been the first chest sort that I used since 2020 and updates and fixed never fail me. It's easy to setup and to utilize in game. Very simple yet a huge impact in gameplay. Never fails me for the past 2 years :D
  8. BoolyStudy
    Version: 12.1.4
    Very useful for my survival server, the developer is humble from my point of view and does a good job on spigot.
    1. mfnalex
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      Thank youuuuuuu :)
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    The plugin is very good, it helps players organize their inventory/chests without much effort. Also the developer is very friendly and active, helps everyone and even does giveaways of stuff :)
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      Thanks for you review :)
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    Version: 12.1.3
    I'm a really big fan of this plugin and the dev in general. I can't think of a single time I've had a major issue with chest sort. It just works, and if it doesn't, the dev is super willing to listen and make changes as needed.
    1. mfnalex
      Author's Response
      THanks :3