ChickenLabs - Basics Pre-Release 1.1.1

Basic commands missing from common plugins

  1. EnderBails
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    DISCLAIMER: The plugin is very early in development. There is still much more to come.
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    I'm creating this plugin because there's a lot of basic commands that are missing from my server. I couldn't find any plugins to do the things I wanted, so I made my own!

    The main command of the plugin. /cl can also be used.

    Toggles safemode on and off. When it is on, it will stop you destroying anything. I never knew I needed this until I had it. It has saved me so many times.

    It takes you to the server spawn! Spawn world can be set in the config.yml

    /cl reload
    Reloads the plugin's config.yml file. The file will appear in a folder called "ChickenLabs" in your plugins folder, after you run the plugin for the first time.


    - TitleManager by Puharesource and Wundero

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