ChillChat 0.0.91

Warns, disable Chat, mute plugin

  1. Chillaxo
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    German, English
    Hi Guys,
    this Plugin is a simple Chat plugin for your Spigot Server. It does have a mute/unmute function and a warn function with kick (you can change the warnings for kick). You can activate the Rainbow Chat so all Minecraft colors go random every Message, Disable or Enable the Chat. The last function is to hide banned words, you can add a character in the config.yml and let it hide words that you're not fond of!

    /warn <player> | Perm ChillChat.Mod | Warn a Player
    /chat on/off | Perm ChillChat.Admin | Disable or Enable the chat
    /chat help | Perm ChillChat.Admin | Show Chat Commands
    /chat mute <player> | Perm ChillChat.Admin | Mute a Player
    /chat rainbow | Perm ChillChat.Admin | Show Random Colors Massages
    /cc | Perm ChillChat.Admin | Clear Chat
    /rcc | Perm ChillChat.Admin | Reload Config

    With OP you can do all of this

    1. Put the ChillChat.jar into your Plugins folder
    2. Restart or Reload your Server
    3. Change all you want in config.yml
    4. dont change something at mutedplayer.yml or warns.yml
    5. Do /rcc
    6. Done :)

    if you want help or find bugs pls report this in my Discord!

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