CHIP (Creative Hacked Item Preventer) 0.5.0

Prevent unwanted items from being created on your creative server

  1. royalkingkb
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    CHIP (Creative Hacked Items Preventer)

    This plugin will be updated to 1.13+ eventually. There are several outstanding issues which need to be fixed before you should use it. I will likely rebrand the plugin at some point as well.

    What does it do?
    CHIP is a Bukkit plugin designed to combat the creation and use of hacked/modified items on a creative mode server.

    CHIP depends on ProtocolLib

    What CHIP prevents:

    • Unobtainable Enchantment levels
    • Incompatible Enchantments
    • Fireworks not obtainable via crafting
    • Modified creature spawn eggs (giant Slimes, nuke Creepers)
    • Ridiculously long custom item names
    • Ridiculously long custom item lore
    • Unbreakable items
    • Custom potion effects which are not normally obtainable
    • Custom tiles which contain inventory (chest items that have objects attached to them when placed)
    • Non-survival entity modifications
      • Invulnerable entities
      • Glowing entities
      • Entities with custom names visible
      • Entities with ridiculously long custom names
      • Small armor stands
      • Invisible armor stands
      • Armor stands with no base plate
    • Various other non-survival NBT modifications

    Client Side Crash Prevention:

    Book Forgery Prevention:

    Ever have players modifying authors of written books? Want to know if a book author has been modified? CHIP can do this. Simply enable the `book_forgery_prevention` option in the configuration. Newly signed books will contain a hidden lore with a cryptographically signed string containing the original signer and the time it was signed. Books which were created before the enabling of this option will appear as unverified until they are verified with the /verifybook command.

    How CHIP prevents hacked items:

    CHIP was designed to be the successor to CHIR (Creative Hacked Items Remover)

    CHIP prevents hacked item creation by packet inspection. This means that users will not be able to create such items via modified clients in the first place, so they never spread on your server.

    CHIP also removes existing hacked items in player inventories and in blocks which can have an inventory.

    CHIP will prevent potions such as these and ensure they can't be used and get fixed/removed (depending on your config). Even from a dispenser.

    Once you have downloaded a copy of CHIP,
    1. Ensure you have Java 8
    2. Ensure you have ProtocolLib installed
    3. Copy the .jar file to your plugins directory of your Bukkit powered server
    4. Run the server
    I have only fully tested this on Spigot version 1.12.2 and semi tested this on Spigot 1.8.8. Other versions should work fine, as long as you have the appropriate ProtocolLib plugin installed. If there is a specific version that is not working and you would like support for, please make an issue on GitHub describing what server software (Spigot, Paper, Sponge, etc) and what Minecraft version you are interested in and I will make an attempt at supporting it.


    • BookExploitFix is recommended to be run along side CHIP to prevent malicious JSON in books.
    • FastAsyncWorldedit (FAWE) is recommended to stop general abuse/exploits (eg. lots of items, lots of falling blocks, too much world physics, etc). Use the tick-limiter in the configuration.
    If you enable the armor stand options, CHIP will modify any existing ones you have in your world.

    The latest version of the configuration file with comments can be found here.

    /chip ( - Basic information about the plugin
    /chip reload (chip.command.reload) - Reloads the configuration file
    /verifybook - Verifies a book with the username of the player who ran the command
    /verifybook <username> (chip.command.verifybook.override) - Verifies a book under a different username than the player who ran the command​

    Please leave your feedback in the ratings section. If you experience an issue with CHIP or want a feature added, please create an issue on the GitHub page.

    CHIP is open source and licensed under MIT. Feel free to contribute.

    • Locale/language files
    If my software has benefited you commercially or you just feel inclined to donate, here is my link.

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Recent Reviews

  1. IAlekseyI
    Version: 0.5.0
    Wow! Long tormented how to fix new vulnerabilities, as ItemFixer stopped updating, and found :)
  2. JKnetz
    Version: 0.0.3b
    Hi, great plugin, could you make a list explaining what each config option does?
    1. royalkingkb
      Author's Response
      Yes I can do that. I also will have a new version out within a few days which adds support for preventing book author forgery.
  3. StupidDrew9
    Version: 0.0.3a
    Extremely light-weight and configurable, a must-have for a Creative gamemode server. Nothing like it
  4. CreepersControlU
    Version: 0.0.2a
    Love this plugin. Could we also add an optional punishment or admin notification when someone attempts to spawn said items?
    1. royalkingkb
      Author's Response
      Yes, next version I will add a notification when someone tries to create a modified item. Currently, the notifications fire whenever an existing modified item is found.

      Thanks for your review.
  5. dukesmart
    Version: 0.0.1a
    I use this on my own creative server, and it has been successfully preventing most hacked item spawns for a while now.