ChocolateCrypt 0.3

Encrypt your messages in chat

  1. Wood
    Chocolate Rain
    [this resource is no longer supported]
    ChocolateCrypt is a way to encode your messages in chat to a password of your choice. Only those who know your password will be able to decode your message.

    • /cc <message> to post an encrypted message
    • /ccd <player name> to decrypt the most recent encrypted message from that player
    • /cca <player name> a command for ops to view the latest encrypted message of any player
    • /chocolateencrypt <password> Set the password your messages get encrypted to
    • /chocolatedecrypt <password> Set the password you decrypt messages as
    • /chocolatehelp to display commands


    • Data saves when server closes/reloads
    • When specifying a player's name, you can only enter part of their name and it will work

    This resource is held under the Apache 2.0 license:

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    Version: 0.3
    Works Great!
    1. Wood
      Author's Response
      Glad to hear!