ChopTreeW 1.8

Cut down a tree by removing one block... One block at a time, with sound and animation!

  1. Updated to Spigot 1.9.x

    Nothing else is changed though.
  2. Better durability deduction

    If you have Unbreaking III (75% chance not to decrease durability) and use it on a tree with 14 logs, extra durability setting to 1, considering enchantment, which is 14 durability should be deducted before considering enchantment.

    Before update:
    (int) 14/4 = 3 durability will be deducted.
    After update:
    14/4 = 3.5
    50% - 3 durability will be deducted
    50% - 4 durability will be deducted
  3. Added auto re-plant feature, minor config fixes

    [+] Auto replant feature:
    In config.yml file, set "autoreplant" to a number, after x amount of ticks, the tree will be automatically re-planted. If the player re-planted the sapling manually, the auto re-plant will be skipped.
    Code (Text):
    autoreplant: 100 // five seconds before auto re-plant
    autoreplant: 1200 // one minute before auto re-plant
    autoreplant: -1 // disable this feature
    [+] Minor fix to default config file:
    The default config file was missing an IRON_AXE among axes.
  4. Allow player to turn plugin on or off

    If a player has the chop permission (choptree.chop), he is able to turn on or off this plugin by using /choptree <on/off>