Christmas Menu, Gifts, Bad Sant Claus 1.5

A plugin which include all for Christmas

  1. DeudlyYT
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    At this moment I finished the plugin. Maybe I can add more features nearly to Christmas 2016 but today is 24 of December and tomorrow its Christmas. So enjoy the plugin and happy Christmas & New Year!


    This plugin includes a Menu of Christmas with gifts and other cool things. And spawn a Sant Claus Zombie in the world.
    When a player joins the plugin gives the menu

    -100% customizable
    -No bugs
    -Complete plugin
    -Perfect for PVP or Survival servers
    -Support in English and Spanish in my Twitter: @DeudlyYT
    -Mobs will appear with a Christmas head
    -NEW FEATURE: Reload command: /chr
    -The plugin is FINISHED, if you want a new feature contact me and it will be for Christmas 2016

    How to Install?
    Put the file in your /plugins and then reload the server

    How to configure?
    Very simple, here you have an example
    Date: nada //This will say the plugin the day which is.
    On Christmas Eve (24 of December) put: nochebuena
    On Christmas Day put: navidad
    On a normal day put: nada
    All this names are in Spanish, sorry
    Welcome: Welcome to MyServer! Happy Christmas! //message when a player joins
    Christmas: Christmas
    Zombies: We discovered that zombies
    BadSanta: created their own Sant Claus
    Avaiable: This is avaiable for all the players
    Click: Click here for
    Carry: wear the best clothes of Winter
    ConnectOn25: Connect on 25 December for
    Unlock: unlock the best things
    ConnectOn24: Connect on 24 December for
    HappyChristmas: Happy Christmas!
    Biscuit: Cookie of Sant Claus
    Non: Sorry, come here on Christmas
    Today: Today in the night will come Santa
    Non2: Sorry, but today isnt Christmas Eve
    ElfHelmet: Elf Helmet
    ElfChestplate: Elf Chestplate
    ElfLeggins: Elf Leggins
    ElfBoots: Elf boots

    And now we have been finished!

    By default all messages are in English

    Commands & permissions
    For reload the config use: /chr

    Support for any problem
    You can contact me by Twitter (Spanish and English): @DeudlyYT

    Screenshots of the plugin

    Test server
    Say me if your server has the plugin and you want it in this list


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