Christmas Present {Supports 1.9.2 +} V 1.9.2

Want to reward your players this season well this is the perfect plugin for you

  1. dyenxunit
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    dyenxunit, Bimmr (File utilities)

    If anyone wants to make graphics for this page please pm me!

    Merry Christmas everyone!, I created this plugin just for you guys and will keep it updated for as long as i can every christmas, as long as you show support and love for this plugin! Well i wont bore you with any more text go and download this plugin and explore the opportunities it gives you!

    ! For any plugin errors please leave a detailed description when you pm me or post discussion forum and also post any errors if you have any!

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    Upcoming Update News:

    Update News:
    Hey everyone hopefully you guys have been having a good holiday break :), well heres the new update i promised!

    [+] Added 3 new files Config, itemDrops, and language! Thank you for the file utilities class @Bimmr
    [+] New command! /present additems to add items directly from your inv to the config
    [+] Fixed a few bugs
    [*] Maybe add the gift present feature *depends on how much support you guys give for this update*

    Merry Christmas everyone and remember to delete your old configs!!

    What does this plugin do ?
    When a player clicks on their present it will open and drop random items from the Item-Drops list and you can config how many items that it can drop like 15 , 25 or even 100!

    My wish list for this plugin:
    - 1 review [Done]
    - 10 downloads [Done]
    - 50 downloads [Done]
    - 100 downloads [Done]
    - 200 downloads [Done]
    - 500 downloads [Done]
    -1000 downloads!!! [FINISHED!]

    TO-DO List:
    - add a command reward system.
    - add a way to add an item from your hand to the config

    - Customizable item reward list
    - Amount of items that the player can get
    - toggles like if the items drop or self-gifting
    - animation for when the player opens the present
    - player skull support for present
    - mob drop precent chance

    Code (Text):
    # Merry Christmas and hopefully you enjoy this plugin :)
    # Created By dyenxunit
    # This is where you can config what's the name of the present and the type it is.
    # The Present name will be default for both the skull and item so if you modify the name it will take
    # effect for both
      Name: "&7Christmas Present"
      Material: CHEST
      - ""
      - "&7Christmas Present Gifted during 2016"
      - "&7as a reward for anyone that played on our"
      - "&7server &bMineCraft.ServerIP.Com. &7Merry Christmas!"
      - ""
      - "&bLimited Edition 2016 Collectible"

    # If this enabled is true it will give them a player skull as a present. if its disabled its going
    # to give them the item that you specified above.
      Enabled: true
      Owner: CruXXx

    # Toggles Section where you can enable drop of the items or self gifting.
    Drop: false
    Self-Gift: true
    Animation: false
    Mob-Drop: false

    # Animation Time before the inventory closes 55 is recommend for Drop-Number: 20
    Time: 55

    Code (Text):
    # This config is for the item that will be dropped and modification of the chances and drop number!
    # The format on how to add item's to Item-Drops list is MATERIAL:DATAVALUE
    # ie) STONE:1
    - DIAMOND:0
    - IRON_INGOT:0
    - GOLD_INGOT:0
    Drop-Number: 20
    Mob-Drop-Chance: 15

    Code (Text):
    # These are the configurable messages of the plugin!
    # Change these message to your liking!
    OpenMsg: '&4P&Ar&4e&as&4e&an&at &4> &aO&4p&ae&4n&ai&4n&ag &4C&ah&4r&ai&4s&at&4m&aa&4s
    NoPermMsg: '&7You do not have permission to use this command!'
    ErrorMsg: '&cError: Something has occured please try again!'
    ConsoleDenyMsg: '&7You may not use this command in the console!'
    ReloadMsg: '&aThe config has been reloaded!'
    NotEnoughRoomMsg: '&7The player does not have enough room in their inventory!'

    For the Item-Drops section please use this Remember that it has to be caps

    /Present give <player> <amount>- gives a present to the specified player
    /Present giveall - gives presents to all online players
    /Present reload - reloads the config

    - Present.give for the cmd /present give
    - Present.giveall for the cmd /present giveall
    - Present.reload for the cmd /present reload
    -Present.additems for the cmd /present additems


    created by Herbystar, Language GERMAN

    Terms and conditions (This is applied when you download this plugin!):
    - This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, so if anything happens im not liable, you are!
    - You may not claim this as your work
    - You may not resell this for money
    - You may not decomplie it without my permission

    Please Leave any bugs in the discussion forums, it will be ignored if you leave it in the review section below. Also please do not spam me with messages of "It doesnt work!", if you do it will be disregard as spam by my team. Please do not leave a bad review because of a bug i will fix it asap :). Have fun with the plugin!

Recent Reviews

  1. CheatMine
    Version: V 1.9.2
    Omg!! Lagg server..
    91.67% 20,757.24% 40.61 s 10,378.62 ms 2.3 0.0k Command: christmaspresents
  2. copy
    Version: V 1.9.2
    Hey love the plugin!

    Would like to a way to add commands to the list though so it could open the possibility to give ranks etc with a present.

    Also would be cool to see support for items that have been enchanted, renamed or have lore.

    Last suggestion would be customization of the chance of a certain item being chosen.

    Great plugin though, love it! :)
    Hope to see these features added in the future! :D
    1. dyenxunit
      Author's Response
      Commands and chance maybe added in the future, there will not further updates till next year! Thanks for the review and hope you enjoy.
  3. Beem
    Version: Version 1.9.1
    nice! nice! nice! nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!nice!
    1. dyenxunit
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)!
  4. gogogadget
    Version: V 1.8.2
    would be nice to have a command /additem to add item in hand for a reward other than that it's pretty cool
    1. dyenxunit
      Author's Response
      I will add that feature to the todo list, expect it to be added soon. Thanks the review and hope you enjoy :)
  5. Jillo
    Version: V 1.8.2
    This is very nice!!!!!! And i hope you can make commands for players, because this is a christmas present right? So they can create a present and give for another!!
    1. dyenxunit
      Author's Response
      This would be a great idea, i will try to add this feature in but im currently very busy i may or may not add this feature
  6. KingAlterIV
    Version: V 1.8.1
    Niiiiiiiiiiice! I enjoy it alot! Also, Heres a suggestion for you to do!
    - Enable a custom recipe for it (A custom one, not the one in the picture)
    And thats it! :)

    - Karamatsu
    1. dyenxunit
      Author's Response
      Great suggestion if i have time i will work on it and add it in the next updates, Hope you enjoy the plugin and thank you for the review :)
  7. marco7147
    Version: Version 1.7
    Nice plugin easy to configure and no compatibility problems on my french server :D
    1. dyenxunit
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review and hope you enjoy the plugin :)
  8. dcemil0
    Version: Version 1.7
    Very good and nice plugin i love the rewards that it gives such a creative plugin and keep up the good work :D
    1. dyenxunit
      Author's Response
      Thanks, hope you enjoy the plugin :).
  9. herby2212
    Version: Version 1.7
    1. dyenxunit
      Author's Response
      Thanks for doing a review video on this plugin :) i will add it asap
  10. JustAngel
    Version: Version 1.5
    Thank you so much! Great plugin. I can see where having the ability to list out properties for each gift (lore, material (including skulls, quantity) could make this amazing but as is, it's lightweight and doesn't even need configuring. I'd second the suggestion to add a skull such as CruXXx's Head so don't have to wait for Mojang to use the Christmas skin on the chest. Anyway love the plugin, thank you so much! Merry Christmas!
    1. dyenxunit
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review and I will try my best to add the skull :)