Chroma-Chat 1.0.0

Markdown chat plugin with some extras like name mentioning

  1. NorbiPeti
    This plugin provides rich Markdown formatting for Minecraft that was made to be compatible with Discord's. It supports things like italics, bold, underlined, URLs (plain old URLs and masked links), spoilers (hover over them to see the message) and others. It will also ping any user that you type the name of. All of these can be individually disabled in the config.

    Note: This plugin requires Chroma-Core.

    Other features
    • Channel support in MInecraft: it supports all channels defined for Chroma: a global chat, an admin-only and mod-only chat, town/nation chats (if using Towny) and some more.
    • The announcer component will simply display the messages you set with the configured interval.
    • The 'append text' component allows you to /tableflip or /unflip (or others). You can even add your own.
    • The optional chat-only component allows players to become invincible but unable to do anything. Might be possible to exploit it, didn't test much so it's disabled by default.
    • The fun component has some random stuff I added for our server: the "Press F to pay respects" meme, /unlol, rainbow chat.
    • There's an optional component for forwarding Towny global/town/nation messages to the correct channels in the Chroma system
    • There's another optional component that provides town colors for Towny that will overwrite the nick colors of everyone and set the color on Dynmap (if used).
    • There's also an old component for Reddit /r/TheButton flairs. This was the original purpose of the plugin so I kept it, although it's not used anymore.