Chroma-Discord 1.0.1

A fancy Discord chat plugin with multi-channel support and support for logging in from Discord

  1. NorbiPeti
    Chroma-Discord provides chat and command support on Discord, among other features. Everything can be enabled/disabled and configured.

    Minecraft chat
    • You can have a public chat where every public message goes (even advancement messages, if you have that set up)
    • a private chat in DMs with the bot where you can log in as a player to the server (if you have your MC account connected; also this can be tricky because other plugins don't always play well with this, but there are some solutions)
    • and channel connections, which let you connect any Discord channel you have managing permissions for with a Minecraft channel. The latter can be used for town/nation chats on Discord for example (if you use Towny) but it could be extended with other plugins in the future.

    This optional module will post new posts from a specific subreddit to a given channel and pins them. Moderator posts can go in a different channel.

    This module uses a slightly hacky way of getting all public messages, even those that can't be obtained through APIs.

    Exception reporting
    The exceptions displayed by Chroma plugins can be posted to a specific Discord channel. Repeating errors are only sent once.

    This module allows users to assign themselves roles that have a specific color.

    Note: This plugin requires Chroma-Core. Chroma-Chat is also recommended for maximum compatibility and fancy formatting.

    On the first run of the plugin, it will display instructions on how to set it up. You need to create a Discord bot and set the token for the plugin and then restart the plugin using /discord restart.
    Then you need to set the channel IDs for everything you want to use. To get channel IDs, on Discord go to User Settings, Appearance and turn developer mode on, then right click the desired channel and click Copy ID.
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