CHRON [Open Source] 1.5

Highly configurable CHRON jobs that support in-game and shell commands.

  1. Miles

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    What it does
    CHRON allows you to schedule repeating tasks, that support both shell (command-line) and in-game commands.

    Why not use UNIX jobs?
    Because you might be trapped behind a server panel, or you want easy access to game commands.

    How do I use it?
    Everything is in the configuration file. With /chron, you can run jobs and check the status of jobs.

    Usage: /chron [job]

    • chron.runjobs : access to the /chron command
    • chron.runall : run all jobs
    • chron.job.<jobname> : run specific job

    Code (Text):
          start: 1445796463610 # The epoch time of the start date. Need help? Use
          every: 600 # The interval to repeat, in seconds.
          - g:say Server backup starting!                                         # g: means that it's a game command.
          - g:zip . ./backups/{epoch}                                  # the 'zip' command is a feature of wget, a premium spigot plugin
          - g:say Server backup completed!                                        # everything after the colon is the command to execute
          - s:mv ~/ServerDirectory/backup/{epoch} ~/GoogleDriveFolder/backups/{epoch} # s: means it's a shell command
          # Remember, these will run in sequence!
    # Dont want it to repeat? Set 'every' to a negative number.

    # Variables: {epoch} (milliseconds since Jan. 1 1970 UTC)


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Recent Reviews

  1. EmeraldSnorlax
    Version: 1.5
    Super useful, no more passthrough through screen to use the real chron.
    Works perfectly in 1.16
  2. brainy_smurf
    Version: 1.5
    Works awesome in 1.8, a vital function that opens up some AMAZING possibilities. Please add 1.7.10 support, that would be epic.