ChunkBuster [1.8-1.15] Clear any area of land! 1.2.8

A simple item that allows you to clear chunks fast.

  1. Support for the new version of factions uuid & a bug fix.

    • Fixed incompatibility with the new version of factionsuuid that was making chunk busters unusable.
    • Fixed small lag spike.
  2. Small new feature

    • Added worldborder support- simply set worldborder: true in the hooks: section of the config
  3. 1.14 support and bug fixes

    • Added 1.14 support
    • A bunch of other bug fixes that I don't remember
    • Added metrics
  4. Another small feature

    • Added no fall damage option in config when a chunk starts to clear
    • Other small improvements
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  5. A few small things

    • Fixed a bug stopping the plugin from working when using factionsuuid/savagefactions and having massivecore installed.
    • Now plays the cancel sound when chunkbusters are cancelled due to not finding a chunkbuster in their inventory.
    • Other small bug fixes.
  6. WorldGuard 7 support (for 1.13)

    • Added WorldGuard 7 support (for 1.13)
    • Other small bug fixes
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  7. Revamped and improved hooks, bug fixes

    • Fixed bug in 1.13 where the chunk buster wouldn't work
    • Allowed players to move the chunk buster while in the confirm GUI (plugin will search for it and cancel if not found).
    • Revamped hooks, you can now have multiple hooks enabled at the same time and enable/disable them in the config
    • Allowed other plugins to do the checking when placing a chunk buster down, allowing any plugin (even if I don't have a hook for it) to cancel chunk buster placement.
    • Added Towny hook,...
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  8. Small bug fix

    • Fixed an error when using the plugin with SavageFactions
  9. CoreProtect support (optional), other bug fixes

    • Added CoreProtect support
      • Make sure to enable this in the config if you want to use it!
    • Other bug fixes
  10. 1.13 support, a few small features

    • Added a simple little tab completer.
    • Added a new placeholder {player} to be used in place of minimum-y and maximum-y, allowing you to clear blocks above or below a player's y level.
    • Added 1.13 support.