ChunkDefence 4.2

Fight against mobs in your arena with custom traps

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17

    What is ChunkDefence
    ChunkDefence is an Arena based PvE. Players have to fight against waves of hostile mobs in order to protect their chunk.
    The waves are generated, so there won't be a defined end. Different arenas can be bought at the shops. Everything is customizable
    and can be adapted to the needs of your server. Do you want a certain wave to have specific mobs? easy. Do you want to give
    your premium players something extra? No problem, you can give them permission to buy from other shops and thus giving
    them the ability to have special rank-only arenas.
    If you have any problems regarding our plugin, we're happy to help you on our Discord server

    Fight alone or team up with friends
    Ability to encounter the waves alone or team up to defeat the waves together.

    Easy to set up
    Follow the simple guides on our wiki.

    Simple gameplay
    Players will understand the working very fast.

    Everything can be controlled with beautiful GUI's

    Custom traps to help you lure the monsters. New traps can be added and adjusted easily.

    Custom arenas
    Build your own arenas to play in. The sky is the limit here.

    Custom mobs
    Define your own custom mobs besides their rewards, passengers and much more options.

    Different gamemodes
    Multiple gamemodes supported. For example the 1-heart challange or solo.

    Auto generated waves
    All waves will be generated by an algorithm according to the given mob-weights.
    Ability to overwrite generated waves by custom ones. This way there is no ending to the fun.

    Beautiful shops
    Custom shops to buy your supplies, weapons, arenas and traps. And again, everything is adjustible here.
    Custom personal holographics are supported (requere ProtocolLib)

    Private economy or use Vault
    Ability to use a private economy OR the ability to use Vault for the economy.

    Welcome book
    Welcome new players with an instruction book.

    Fast support
    Join our Discord server for support.

    Available placeholders to create nice looking scoreboards.

    Language file
    All messages are customizable and supports JSON for hovering/clickable messages.
    Have you translated the file in another language? Let me know, so I can publish it.

    Advanced permissions
    When needed there exists advanced permissions to allow or deny specific actions.

    Still in development
    This means that new features can and will be added regurely.
    Leave your requests at the Discord server

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    You can find all permissions on our wiki!

    You can find all commands on our wiki!

    Hard Requirements:

    Those are plugins which are needed for ChunkDefence to start.
    - WorldEdit
    A version of Worldedit v7 or higher is required for this plugin to start. Without Worldedit it can't paste or edit any arenas.
    Any addition is also supported. (For example FAWE, AWE, ...)

    Soft Requirements
    Those are plugins which are not needed for ChunkDefence to run, but they provide extra functionalities.
    - Vault
    ChunkDefence supports Vault as economy plugin. You can use this to connect different plugins. (For example Voting, Crates or Shops)
    - PlaceholderAPI
    If you want to use some kind op placeholders you can use PlaceholderAPI. (For example in Scoreboards or Holograms)
    - ProtocolLib
    ProtocolLib is required if you want to use the floating holograms with shop info.

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    First join
    If you first join the game, you won't have anything. The tutorial book will be show. It will explain the game to you.
    To start your journey you need to type `/arena start`. This will create your first arena to fight in. The first wave will spawn in 90 seconds. (Adjustable in the config.) It'll slowly become night. As you fight against the invaders, the night will pass. The sun will only rise again as all mobs are defeated. This is one day/night cycle. The timer for the night will start again.

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    Comming soon
    As we said before, the plugin is still under heavy development. This means two things. First of, some minor bugs. Don't worry, were here to help. Secondly; New features! We are planning to add a lot of new things in the future such as a GUI and the ability to eddit shops and traps ingame. We're working hard an these features, so you won't have to wait long.

    The installation of ChunkDefence is extremely easy. It's the same as any other plugin.

    1. Download the latest version
    2. Stop the server
    3. Upload the plugin in `/plugins/`
    4. Start the server, allowing the default configuration to be generated
    5. Configure the plugin to your wishes


    Tutorials, Permissions and Commands
    We've made a wonderful wiki with all the information you need.
    - Player tutorial
    - Admin Tutorial
    - Permissions
    - Commands
    - And more...


    Visit our wiki for more information and explanation.

    Looking for support?
    Don't feel ashamed to join our Discord server and ask your question.