Chunkmaster 1.4.2

A chunk pregeneration plugin for 1.14 and above.

  1. Trivernis
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    German Mandarin French Spanish

    This plugin can be used to pre-generate the region of a world around the spawn chunk. This plugin will only generate those chunks that have not been generated yet.

    • Pregeneration of a specific area around the world center
    • Configuration of world centers
    • Integration into dynmap
    • Teleportation to chunks
    • Auto-Pause when the server is not empty
    • Highly configurable
    • Skipping of already generated chunks


    All features can be accessed with the command /chunkmaster or the aliases /chm, chunkm, cmaster.

    • /chm generate [world] [radius] [<square|circle>]: Starts the generation until the specified radius (in blocks) or the world border is reached.
    • /chm list: Lists all running generation tasks
    • /chm cancel <Task id|world>: Cancels the generation task with the specified id (if it is running).
    • /chm pause: Pauses all generation tasks until the resume command is executed.
    • /chm resume: Resumes all paused generation tasks.
    • /chm reload: Reloads the configuration file.
    • /chm tpchunk <X> <Z>: Teleports you to the specified chunkcoordinates
    • /chm setCenter [[<world>] <chunkX> <chunkZ>]: Sets the center chunk of the world
    • /chm getCenter [<world>]: Returns the center chunk of the world
    • /chm completed: Lists previous generation tasks ordered by world
    Generate a 100 blocks * 100 blocks square around the center:

    /chm generate [world] 50
    Generate 200 blocks in every direction from the center:
    /chm generate [world] 200
    Generate a circle with a diameter of 1000 around the center:
    /chm generate [world] 500 circle

    Config File

    # The language settings.
    # Supported out of the box are german (de), mandarin (zh), french (fr) and english (en).
    # Additional languages can be configured in the plugins folder under i18n.
    # The file name must be in the format <language> and the content
    # must be in the java-property-file format.
    # For non-defined translations the default (english) version is used.
    # For built-in support please create a PullRequest with your translation.
    language: en

    # Actiates/deactivates the dynmap integration.
    # With the setting set to 'true' the plugin tries to trigger the rendering
    # of generated chunks right before unloading them. It also adds an area
    # marker to the dynmap to show the area that will be pregenerated.
    # The marker is removed automatically when the task is finished or canceled.
    # The value should be a boolean <true/false>
    dynmap: true


    # If set to true the plugin ignores the vanilla world border and doesn't stop
    # the chunk generation when reaching it.
    # The value should be a boolean <true/false>
    ignore-worldborder: false

    # The maximum amount of chunks that are loaded before unloading and saving them.
    # Higher values mean higher generation speed but greater memory usage.
    # The value should be a positive integer.
    max-loaded-chunks: 1000

    # Paper Only
    # The maximum amount of requested chunks with the asynchronous paper chunk
    # loading method. Higher values mean faster generation but more memory usage and
    # bigger performance impact. Configuring it too hight might crash the server.
    # The value should be a positive integer.
    max-pending-chunks: 500

    # The period in ticks for how often loaded chunks get unloaded.
    # Unloading happens in the main thread and can impact the server performance.
    # You can tweak this setting with the max-loaded-chunks setting to have either
    # a lot of chunks unloaded at once or fewer chunks unloaded more often.
    # If the maximum number of loaded chunks is reached the generation pauses until the
    # unloading task runs again so keep that in mind.
    # The value should be a positive integer.
    unloading-period: 50

    # The maximum milliseconds per tick the server is allowed to have
    # during the cunk generation process.
    # If the mspt is greather than this, the chunk generation task pauses.
    # The value should be a positive integer greater than 50.
    mspt-pause-threshold: 500

    # Pauses the generation if the number of players on the server is larger or equal
    # to the configured value
    # Notice that playing on a server that constantly generates chunks can be
    # very laggy and can cause it to crash.
    # The value should be a posivitve integer > 1.
    pause-on-player-count: 1

    # if the generation should automatically start on server startup
    # the value should be a boolean
    autostart: true

    Paper and Spigot
    The plugin works on spigot and paper servers but is significantly faster on paper servers
    (because it profits from asynchronous chunk loading and the better implementation of the
    isChunkGenerated method).

    The Mandarin translation is provided by NPBeta and was validated by ed3d3d.

    The French translation is provided by Corenb and was validated by Fiwel00 and Youssef Habri.

    The German and English translation is provided by me. You can translate the plugin yourself and start a PR to this repository to add it to the provided translation.

    1. create an i18n folder in the Chunkmaster folder (plugins/Chunkmaster)
    2. copy the default translations file into the newly created folder and rename it to
    3. modify the values in the file for your translation (you can use minecraft ยง formatting sequences)
    4. set the language property in the config file to your language abbrevation
    5. start the server
    Now you should see your translation being used by the plugin for localized messages.

    Dynmap Integration
    Starting with version Beta 0.15 the plugin integrates with dynmap if the dynmap plugin is detected. It triggers the rendering of tiles for the chunks that have been generated and displays the generation area as a marker on the map.


    The dynmap rendering process is slower than the chunk generation, so you can't expect to have a fully rendered map after the chunk generation has finished. You can check how many tiles are still waiting to be processed with /dynmap stats. If there aren't any pending chunks and the map is still not fully rendered you have to force the rerendering the map by using /dynmap fullrender <world>.

    Questions/Bugs/Feature Requests
    For bugs you've discovered or just features you want it to have please open an issue on Github.

    For questions you can also join my discord server or contact me at support[at]trivernis[dot]net.


    This plugin uses bStats to gain insights on how you use this plugin.You can opt out using the global bStats config.


Recent Reviews

  1. ALatewa
    Version: 1.4.2
    It is really a great plug-in. I hope the author can update the high version as soon as possible!
  2. SpottiFoxHD
    Version: 1.4.2
    Cool plugin, chunks are generating little bit slow than other plugins, but i don't think this plugin omits chunks
  3. PiggiesGoSqueal
    Version: 1.4.2
    Great plugin! Very useful and have never had a problem with it over the 1-2 years that I've used it. :)
  4. TheDarthFather
    Version: 1.4.2
    Great when I had a slow machine!!! Still great with a monster server!
  5. Temporaly001
    Version: 1.4.2
    1. Trivernis
      Author's Response
      That's a visual bug of dynmap
  6. NedST
    Version: 1.4.2
    Bugs from over a year ago not even fixed, love the plugin, the implementation of Dynmap and only pre generate when no one is online is well implemented but I have to give 1 star for not be able to document or fix the bug for over a year (understand its a single developer, but its been a year at least some sort of documentation would be nice for that bug...)

    (0% bug)
  7. MohammadAmin
    Version: 1.4.2
    Very good plugin, I got a heap space error but it because of low ram which I dedicate to the server, after I increase it it become very very straight forward. I generate 8000x8000 chunk with 16GB RAM with no problem.
  8. Olvier408i
    Version: 1.4.2
    Not sure what the last review is talking about, but this plugins is AWESOME! good for rendering large maps without crashing the server. However, we do need to decrease the values in the config
  9. Gacek
    Version: 1.4.2
    This plugin is the worst possible. The plugin delays the fragments and throws the map away.,,
    1. Trivernis
  10. madeinheaven91
    Version: 1.4.0
    excellent plugin, but i have 1 question. does this plugin support world gen datapacks, or does it always generate chunks vanilla way?
    1. Trivernis
      Author's Response
      It generates chunks using the api provided by bukkit so if the datapack is being applied through that it should work.