Chunks v1.0.0

Skyblock with a whole chunk!

  1. CraftCreeper6
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Chunks is a plugin, like Skyblock, that lets players create single chunks of land in an empty void world. Using their skills and knowhow of the game, they can build out and thrive to be the biggest chunk they can.

    Chunks only has 1 command (and 1 for admins), and that's because everything else is GUI operated!

    /chunks {optional:[player name]}

    Alternative: /c {optional:[player name]}

    Usage: /chunks

    Permission: chunks.commands.c.use

    Permission (for optional): chunks.commands.c.use.other-person

    Description: This command is the base command for the whole plugin, everything is controlled within here, adding players to chunks, removing them, creating new chunks, everything!

    /chunks default

    Alternative: /c default

    Usage: /chunks default

    Permission: chunks.commands.default.use (chunks.commands.use.default prior)

    Description: Set the default spawn location for when a player abandons a chunk

    Creating a sign is simple, using an oak sign* you can create a sign that will open a GUI for the player that clicked it.

    To create the sign simply place an oak sign* and write the following on each line:

    Line 1: [Chunks]

    Line 2: Open

    And provided that the player has permission chunks.commands.c.use then the GUI will open!

    Only operators can create Chunks signs.

    * Oak signs only as Minecraft 1.14 added multiple sign types.

    1. Download the latest Jar file from this website

    2. Drag and drop the Jar file into your servers plugins folder

    3. Run the server

    4. Hop on the server and type /c (or /chunks)

    5. Select the grass block, and select any difficulty

    6. It's best if you do not move during the creation of the first chunk, this first chunk will load the world and allow more chunks to be made

    7. You're ready to go!

    Chunks was made as a plugin request from samoto25 on the Bukkit Forums.


    Description: This permission will allow administrators to bypass any build protection on a chunk, for removal of anything causing lag, or anything inappropriate.


    Access to the /chunks command


    Access to the /chunks default command

    Configuration Files
    There are 6 configuration files, 2 of which you don't need to touch.

    Here's a step by step guide to everything in each configuration file.

    First of all, do not use the tab button when editing a configuration file


    In this file you will find all of the block chances, by default, there are 14 blocks that can be added to a chunk. You can change this by adding more, removing some, etc...

    You can also change the chance that it will spawn, the lower the chance, the less likely it is to spawn.

    Each block can also have a minimum and maximum height that it can spawn it, which is also configurable.

    Too add another block, simply follow the same format, and change it's name exactly how you would use the /give command.

    In this file you will also find the difficulty modifiers, these can go up to a value of 10. The higher the difficulty modifier, the more difficult the chunk will be. A difficulty 1 chunk will be rich with ores, where a difficulty 5 will have much less ores (5 times less!), it is possible to get a chunk without any ores at all!

    Also in the file you will find default, default is the location that a player will be sent to when they abandon their chunk.

    chunks-world-name is another editable attribute, it's the name of the world you wish to use to generate the chunks in.

    Editing anything in this configuration file will only yield results once the server is reloaded/restarted.

    Loot Table.yml

    This configuration file is used to create a loot table, a loot table is a selection of items that can be used by the plugin to randomize a crate.

    If, in the Chunks.yml configuration file, you specify that chests will spawn, then, the chests will be filled with 0-4 items (depending on the difficulty level), but only items that are in the Loot Table.yml will be added to the chest. By default, some rare resources and saplings are added, these can be changed however you see fit.


    You do not need to touch this configuration file.


    This file contains some basic settings about the plugin, if, your server is lagging when an island is created, the block-place-delay section can be decreased toward 0, the lower this number is, the slower the blocks will be placed and destroyed. This is to prevent any lag that may occur.

    Also in this file is the enabled-worlds. This allows you to specify which worlds you would like the /c (/chunks) command to be allowed in, by default, "world" and "chunksworld" are added to this, to add more, simply follow the format and add the world names as they are in the server folder.

    This file also contains default-size-in-chunks which is the size that a single chunk will be allowed to have. As in, a chunk will remain the same size (one chunk) but the player will be able to utilize more space around their chunk for expansion, by default this value is 16x16 chunks (about 128 blocks in every direction). The value that the config accepts should be half of the chunks squared, as in, the default value is 8, which will protect 16x16 chunks.

    Another value in this config is the chunk-count-do-not-change value, do not touch this value it keeps track of the number of chunks (you risk overlapping chunks if you change this value).

    And finally in this file, you will find clear-inventory-on-create, this is a Boolean value to decide whether to clear the players inventory when they create a new chunk.


    This configuration file contains all the information about the items that should be received in the chest when a player first starts their chunk. All of the items in this file will be added, and if the chest is full, the item will be placed in the chest when there is room again. There is a default list that can be changed however you see fit.


    You do not need to touch this file, it is used for offline name retrieval.

    Any suggestions are welcome, I'd love to hear your feedback! Any problems, contact me and I'll do my very best!






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      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! What do you mean by placeholders? :)
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    Version: v1.0.0
    Very cool idea! I have some questions, and some feedback if u can add this features. I have a question, how can i set the server default spawn location, because after I use /chunks abandon, it says that. And a very cool feature, if u can add custom messages that can edit in a config like messages.yml ? And a bug that I found, i don't know if it's really a bug: if u use /chunks it appears TAB complete only at chunks, but if u use from example, /chunks [something here] and u want to TAB complete, it appears only name of players on the TAB complete. Nice resource!
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      Thanks for the review! You can set the default spawn with /chunks default :)
      I'll look into the tab complete, and messages.yml could definitely be implemented. I appreciate your suggestions.
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    Version: Chunks v0.0.8.2
    This resource is very cool! Is a new idea but the developer needs to update it a lot with editable messages, probably caves with a change of get. To modify the world name with a custom name, add custom commands, not only in the GUI menu to invite people on the chunk, or visit. Are a lot, but I think the plugin is in BETA. If you keep updating it, it will be a nice resource!
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      Thanks for the review! I appreciate the ideas, too. I like them all, maybe I will add them all soon :)
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    Version: v1.1
    Great idea, its so funny! but it generating lava? Or big caves, so many customizing and we got complete minigame!
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