Chunky 1.2.86

Pre-generates chunks, quickly, efficiently, and safely

  1. pop4959
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    pop4959, Puremin0rez
    Languages Supported:
    Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish
    Pre-generates chunks, quickly, efficiently, and safely
    A better alternative to WorldBorder fill and similar features in other plugins

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    - Start one or several chunk generation tasks at the same time (if you want to leverage your CPU more)
    - Pause chunk generation tasks, saving them for later
    - Shows detailed information such as chunks processed, percent to completion, ETA, chunk processing rate, etc
    - Custom world shapes, and optional world border support with ChunkyBorder installed

    chunky.chunky Gives permission to all chunky commands except trim.
    chunky.command.<command> Give permission to a specific command.


    Task Management
    chunky start
    Starts a new chunk generation task from the current selection
    chunky pause Pauses the current chunk generation tasks, and saves progress
    chunky continue Continues running current or saved chunk generation tasks
    chunky cancel Stops the current chunk generation tasks, and cancels progress
    Basic Selection
    chunky world <world>
    Sets the currently selected world
    chunky shape <shape> Set the shape to generate
    chunky center [<x> <z>] Sets the current center block location
    chunky radius <radius> Sets the current radius
    Advanced Selection
    chunky worldborder
    Set the center and radius to match the world border in the selected world
    chunky spawn Set the center to the spawn point
    chunky corners <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> Set the selection by corner coordinates
    chunky pattern <pattern> Set the preferred generation pattern
    chunky silent
    Toggle displaying update messages
    chunky quiet <interval> Set the quiet interval in seconds for update messages
    chunky trim Delete chunks outside selection


    Code (Text):
    chunky radius 10000
    chunky start
    Code (Text):
    chunky world world_nether
    chunky center 100 -100
    chunky radius 5000
    chunky start
    Code (Text):
    chunky world world_the_end
    chunky shape circle
    chunky spawn
    chunky radius 5000
    chunky start
    Code (Text):
    worldborder center 0 0
    worldborder set 20000
    chunky worldborder
    chunky start

    Wiki Find up-to-date information about plugin features
    Discord Visit the #chunky channel and ask questions
    Crowdin Help translate the plugin into several languages
    Donate Support the project if you've found it useful
    bStats Check out some cool stats for the plugin
    CodeMC Download the latest builds from this mirror
    ChunkyBorder Custom world border addon



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Recent Reviews

  1. JoseLu1200
    Version: 1.2.86
    The best world pregeneration plugin by far, 100% recommended if you have a survival of faction server :)
  2. VanixMc
    Version: 1.2.86
    Great plugin, great support. If you ever want a super-efficient chunk-generating plugin, chunky is your best option!
  3. alimoncul
    Version: 1.2.86
    amazing plugin. Thank you for this, pregenerating so elytra players doesnt fell into the void
  4. malachiel
    Version: 1.2.86
    The best and high efficent world generator and trim plugin for all server from 1.13 to 1.17.1 plus despite is a free plugin, the dev is super friendly and supportive :)
    Version: 1.2.86
    ssuuppeerr coooooollll. this works very well, In pregenarated chunks server strugels less in world gen, no tps will be *20 - 18.......
  6. FearTheArchitect
    Version: 1.2.86
    Very nice plugin! 100% recommend using this before you even start playing on your server
  7. pablo220
    Version: 1.2.86
    Great plugin :D but a question when I restart the server are all the pre-generated chunks gone again ? or do they stay stored in the plugin ?
  8. Murdified
    Version: 1.2.86
    This plugin is super useful for optimizing a server for your players. The dev is also very responsive and helpful with any issues. Highly recommend Chunky and ChunkyBorder for Spigot/Paper/Tuinity
  9. Teleportato
    Version: 1.2.86
    Chunky is an amazing pregen plugin. I've been getting 200cps on my personal computer. For those who are having crash issues i recommend updating on 1.17. Early paper versions have chunk issues :)
  10. QuikMiner
    Version: 1.2.86
    Works beautifully! In addition to it just working which is a plus, it's super fast compared to the world border plugin we used to use before.