Chunky 1.2.86

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  1. Chunky 1.2.86

    Hey guys! Just decided to release this update now since Spigot 1.17 is finally out. As mentioned in a previous post, older versions of chunky should still work on 1.17, but as always, updating is recommended. The only important change that had to be made was related to trim (see change log below for details). Also, I would like to mention that there are a few new errors related to updating old maps from 1.16 to 1.17, such as "Exception loading structure piece with id minecraft:jigsaw" and "No key dirt_provider in MapLike". This is currently normal and unrelated to chunky as they will occur even without any plugins installed. It's possible that they will be fixed in an update to Spigot or Paper.

    - Added handling for POIs and entities (for 1.17+ since they are now saved separately from region data) in the chunky trim command.
    - Added support for decimal values to be used in the center and radius of selections. For example, center 0.5 0.5 and radius .5k are now valid.
    - Added +/- prefixed radius syntax for expanding or contracting selections. For example, radius +1k would increase the current radius by 1000, and radius -100 would decrease the current radius by 100.
    - Added the selected shape to the task start message (in up-to-date translations).
    - Added new Dutch "nl" translation, thanks to @EEstar.
    - Updated the chunky center command to set the center to your current position if given no coordinates.
    - Updated the chunky reload command to support reloading translations without needing to restart the server.
    - Updated radii to print in messages based on whether the shape supports it instead of by value.
    - Updated bound checking for some shapes which did not include the edge.
    - Updated community provided Crowdin translations.
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