Chunky 1.1.20

Pre-generates chunks, quickly, efficiently, and safely

  1. Chunky 1.1.20

    Added support for more precise world boundaries. Russian translation has also been updated.
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  2. Chunky 1.1.19

    Added a chunky reload command which makes it possible to load changes from saved tasks without restarting the server.
    Added confirmations for when you try to start a task when one is already saved, or when cancelling tasks. This should save a lot of people from headaches and lost work!
    New Polish translation added, thanks to xxneox, and the Russian translation was also updated.
    Fixed a bug where continuing a task where the chunk count is higher...
  3. Chunky 1.1.18

    Added a chunky spawn command which selects the spawn point as the center. Pretty small change, but I had a bunch of people requesting this, and it makes sense, since otherwise you have to go look it up which is pretty tedious.
  4. Chunky 1.1.17

    Fixes an issue with the previous update which could cause console messages to stop printing towards the end of the generation task. The Bulgarian, German, and Russian translations were also updated.
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  5. Chunky 1.1.16

    Mostly a quality of life update this time. Improved task saving on shutdown, which should fix a problem on low-end systems where tasks could possibly fail to save before the server finally stops. Added new messages to the pause, continue, and cancel commands which now give proper feedback when nothing actually occurs instead of printing nothing. Also a few miscellaneous code improvements.
  6. Chunky 1.1.15

    Chinese translation updated.
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  7. Chunky 1.1.14

    Adds support for ChunkyBorder, an optional add-on for Chunky which introduces highly customizable world border features, with support for both Dynmap and BlueMap. I hope you like it! Also fixed a minor bug with the chunky worldborder command when used in conjunction with an oblong shape.
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  8. Chunky 1.1.13

    German translation updated.
  9. Chunky 1.1.12

    Adds WorldBorder (plugin) support to the chunky worldborder command. It still will use the vanilla world border if you don't have that plugin installed or if you do not have a WorldBorder world border set.
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  10. Chunky 1.1.11

    Added new Spanish "es" translation, thanks to @benjamonSRL. The Russian translation has also been updated.