CIP 1.0.1

Plugin that checks if players log in with the same Ip as someone who was banned

  1. cc007
    Check IP (CIP)

    Name: CIP
    Authors: CC007, DarknessDecends
    Version: 1.0.1
    Dependency: Essentials

    This plugin provides a way to check joining players their ip address.
    If the ip address is also used by someone who got banned, the plugin will either localban or kick the player or just warn the staff.

    The plugin will also show a list of players who use the same ip address (alt accounts) to the staff. This will happen, even when none of the alt accounts were banned.
    to the staff

    /cip action [warn, kick, ban]
    description: set the action that needs to be performed when someone joins the server with an ip address for which someone got banned

    • cip.setlevel:
      description: the ability to set the level of security
    • cip.notifyalts:
      description: notify staff on alts of the person who logs on
    • cip.notifybanned:
      description: notify staff when someone logs on from an ip from which someone got banned