Circle Creator v3.1

Create a complete circle in minecraft!

  1. Jxyy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Use /createcircle to create a circle in your location!
    You can modify the config to add collision to the circle aswell!

    Warning: This sometimes can be laggy!

    Requires: No addons

Recent Updates

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Multiple circles
  3. Quality of life changes

Recent Reviews

  1. Invis_Dev
    Version: v3.1
    1. You can use worldedit
    2. Pointless skript
    3. (Feedback) Add more to it to make it run better.
    1. Jxyy
      Author's Response
      1. Yea but I'm pretty sure you can't use worldedit TO MAKE A CIRCLE OF ARMORSTANDS?? ARE YOU FREAKING STUPID?? THIS ISN'T A BLOCK CIRCLE OMG
      2. It's cool. no pointless :3
      3. bro more code = run worse (usually)
  2. TheRealJoelmatic
    Version: v3.1
    It is a nice skript but a bit pointless but it was very fun to mess around with my friends lol.
    1. Jxyy
      Author's Response
      It is not pointless, it does what it says, it creates a circle, that's the point. You can even use this technique to create like custom abilities and such.
  3. Minecubek
    Version: v2.2
    OMG that is amazing good job man :D -------------------------------------------------------
    1. Jxyy
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! Please don't bypass the long review thing though!