Circle Creator v3.1

Create a complete circle in minecraft!

  1. Bug fixes

    Fixed not being able to create more circles after destroying one
  2. Multiple circles

    You can create more than 1 circle
    Circle limit is defined in the config
  3. Quality of life changes

    you gotta look at the code difference yourself ;)
  4. Bug fixes

    Fixed the circle from staying on quit
    Made the center armor stand breakable (incase you use this in survival)
    Fixed the circle from dropping an armor stand on break
  5. Create circles with radius of 1-5

    Can not do 1-infinity due to lag possibilities and how I can't automate the radiuses (So I would have to hard code 1-infinity and that's just not possible, it took like 1 hour for 1-5)

    Well here's the update:
    - /createcircle <integer between 1-5>
  6. Fixed barrier deletion & improved performance

    Fixed barriers from being deleted if they were not placed by the skript
    e.g. if you placed a barrier and used the circle with collision on and the barriers overlapped, then you remove the circle it would remove it
    Also improved performance (instead of looping the armor stands and summoning barriers on them it only loops the armor stand being spawned)
  7. More config options

    Added the option to specify how many armor stands are spawning
    Added the option to specify how fast the rotation of the armor stand is moving