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    # Table of Contents
    * [Introduction](#introduction)
    * [Tutorial to Using Citadel](#tutorial-to-using-citadel)
    * [Private Reinforcement](#private-reinforcement)
    * [Group Reinforcement](#group-reinforcement)
    * [Group Ranks](#group-ranks)
    * [Adding People to a Group](#adding-people-to-a-group)
    * [Removing People from a Group](#removing-people-from-a-group)
    * [Listing all Moderators or Members of a Group](#listing-all-moderators-or-members-in-a-group)
    * [Change Reinforcement Groups](#change-reinforcement-groups)
    * [Password Groups](#password-groups)
    * [Public Reinforcement](#public-reinforcement)
    * [Insecure Mode](#insecure-mode)
    * [Cleaning Reinforcement Grief With Acid Blocks](#cleaning-reinforcement-grief-with-acid-blocks)
    * [Warm-Up Time](#warm-up-time)
    * [Non Reinforceable Blocks](#non-reinforceable-blocks)
    * [Reinforcing crops](#reinforcing-crops)
    * [List of Commands](#list-of-commands)


    Citadel allows you to make blocks difficult to break. When a block is reinforced, it must be broken many times before it is destroyed. The owner can bypass this, and can allow specific players to bypass it as well. There are three materials you can reinforce with: stone, iron ingots, and diamonds. The more expensive the material, the stronger the reinforcement, making it more difficult for griefers to break. You can reinforce almost any block.

    Citadel is dependent on Namelayer which can be found here:

    | Material | Block Breaks |
    | ------------- |------------- |
    | Stone | 25 |
    | Iron | 250 |
    | Diamond | 1800 |

    You can reinforce almost all blocks. For a list of blocks that are not reinforceable see [non reinforceable Blocks](#non-reinforceable-blocks).

    > **Note:** TNT only counts as one break on a reinforced block, but it does have area of effect damage so it does one block break on multiple blocks. Regardless, TNT is rather weak and too expensive to waste on griefing.

    # Tutorial to Using Citadel
    ##Private Reinforcement

    [Picture tutorial created by Aholderith](

    You can reinforce almost any block that already has no reinforcements. A block can only possess one reinforcement. You can't reinforce a block with 72 stone to make it require 1800 breaks.

    * Type `/ctr` in chat and punch the block with stone, iron, or diamond in hand to reinforce it.
    * Type `/ctf` in chat with stone, iron, or diamond in hand then right click to place blocks. This reinforces blocks as you place them for your convenience.
    * Type `/cti` in chat and punch a block to check if a block is reinforced.
    * Type `/ctb` in chat and then break the reinforced block twice. The first recovers the reinforcement material, the second recovers the block that was reinforced, though this may differ between materials.
    * Type `/cto` in chat to turn off citadel mode, allowing you to access blocks normally.

    What does it mean to privately reinforce a block? Essentially, only you can access the block or modify its reinforcement. However, it is possible to reinforce a block to a group so that other people in the group can access it.

    > **Note:** When breaking a reinforced block, the breaks do not count against your tool health. For example: If I completely break a stone reinforced cobblestone block then only one break is counted against the pickaxe. Your client may show that the tool has taken damage, but by **right-clicking** with the tool in hand, the health will refresh.

    ## Group Reinforcement

    The advantage of reinforcing to a group instead of privately reinforcing is that you can allow your friends to enter your house by simply adding them to a group. Members of a group can access chests, doors, hoppers, droppers, and snitches.

    > **Note:** It is highly recommended to use group reinforcement for _everything_.

    First step is to create a group.

    Type `/ctcreate group-name` to create a group or `/ctc` to create a group. The creator of the group will be the owner. Within groups there are three ranks.

    To reinforce to a group type `/ctr group group-name`.
    Reinforcing to a group is similar to [private reinforcement](#private-reinforcement). This can also be applied to /ctf with `/ctf group group-name`.

    ### Group Ranks
    1. Owner - The owner is the _only_ one that can add and remove moderators. The owner can do all of the below and can transfer ownership of the group to another individual.
    2. Moderator - The moderators can bypass reinforcements, change existing reinforcements, add and remove members, and reinforce to the group. Moderators can do all of the below. Moderators **can't** add other moderators. Only the owner can add more moderators.
    3. Members - Members can see all snitches in the group with /jalist (TODO: Link to relevant jukealert page), access snitch logs, open and close doors, open chests, open hoppers, and open droppers. Unlike owners and moderators, they can't reinforce to a group.

    ### Adding People to a Group
    Type `/ctallow group-name player-name` or `/cta group-name player-name` to add a player to a group as a member.

    Type `/ctaddmod group-name player-name` or `/ctam group-name player-name` to add a player as a moderator.

    Type `/cttransfer group-name player-name` or `/ctt group-name player-name` to transfer ownership of a group to another player.

    ### Removing People from a Group
    If you find a player to be untrustworthy then you can remove them from the group or remove them from mod.

    Type `/ctremovemod group-name player-name` or `/ctrm group-name player-name` to demote a moderator to member. Requires owner rank within the group.

    > **Note:** Removing a mod demotes them to member. To remove them from the group, follow up with /ctd or /ctdisallow.

    Type `/ctdisallow group-name player-name` or `/ctd groupname player-name` to remove a player from a group.

    ### Listing all Moderators or Members in a Group

    Type `/ctmoderators group-name` or `/ctmods group-name` to list all the moderators in a group.

    Type `/ctmembers group-name` or `/ctm group-name` to list all members of a group.

    ### Change Reinforcement Groups
    You can also change existing reinforcements from private or another group as long as you have moderator or owner by using `/ctr group group-name` and hitting it with your hand. You don't need any reinforcement materials in hand as it costs nothing to change groups.

    ## Password Groups

    Though restricting access through a whitelisted group is safer, it may not always be very convenient. An alternative is to make a password group. Instead of manually adding people to the group, you give your friend a password and they add themselves to the group.

    Type `/ctpassword group-name password123` or `/ctpw group-name password123` to add a password to a group.

    Type `/ctjoin group-name password123` or `/ctj group-name password123` to join a passworded group.

    > **Note:** Password groups are very insecure, but work great with [ItemExchange]( Using ItemExhange, you can setup shops with that offer reduced prices for people in a group. You can use the group password as a promotion code so that those interested can enjoy a reduced price, while you enjoy increased business. TODO: Explain how to do this. Jawa is a jerk.

    ## Public Reinforcement

    All the above is all fine and dandy, but what if you want to make a mailbox?

    The mailbox needs to be reinforced so a griefer can't break it easily, but publicly accessible. Adding everyone in the city to my personal mailbox group is too cumbersome. The solution is publicly reinforce it.

    Type `/ctpublic` or `/ctpu` in chat and hit the block with stone, iron, or diamond in hand. This will make the block reinforced, but accessible to public use.

    By typing `/ctf public` or `/ctr public`, you can reinforce multiple blocks publicly.

    > **Note:** Public reinforcement means that only the owner can modify the reinforcement, unlike group reinforcement. While anyone can use the publicly reinforced block, only the owner will be able to modify the reinforcement. Use **group reinforcement** for reinforcing anything except for items you explicitly want publicly usable.

    ## Insecure Mode

    Items can move from publicly reinforced containers to privately reinforced containers, but to perform the other way around requires use of `/ctinsecure` on the hopper.

    If you have a private or group reinforced container connected to a hopper that connects to a publicly reinforced container, then items will not move until /ctinsecure is toggled.

    Type `/ctinsecure` or `/ctis` in chat and hit the reinforced _hopper_.

    # Cleaning Reinforcement Grief With Acid Blocks
    Reinforcement sounds all fine and dandy until a griefer decides it is easy to privately reinforce blocks within your home city. This is often called _reinforcement griefing_. Now, for stone reinforced blocks it is relatively easy to easy to clean up by simply breaking it with a diamond or gold pickaxe. However, cleaning up a block reinforced with iron or diamond takes forever, especially whenever numerous of them are scattered through. The solution is acid blocks.

    > **Example:** A diamond reinforced obsidian block has been placed in front of your door. You could sit there and wait while you mine it out or you could use an acid block.

    Place a gold block underneath the obsidian and reinforce it to the same material (iron or diamond) as the block you wish to remove. Acid blocks have a warm-up time before you can activate them. Once the warp up time has passed, you at the acid block and type `/ctacid`. The block will pop leaving you with material you acid blocked, the gold block, and the material you reinforced the acid block with.

    > **Note:** In order to acid block a stone reinforced block, you must use an iron reinforced acid block.

    ##Warm-Up Time
    |Material |Warm-up Time|
    |Iron reinforced acid block |6 hours |
    |Diamond reinforced acid block|48 hours |

    # Non Reinforceable Blocks

    These are the blocks that can't be reinforced at all due to in-game limitations, exploits, or admin crimes.

    * RED_ROSE
    * TNT
    * FIRE
    * CROPS
    * SNOW
    * ICE
    * CACTUS
    * PORTAL
    * VINE

    ## Reinforcing Crops

    All crops are in the Non Reinforceable Block list, but their **underlying farmland** being reinforced protects them from being broken by non-group players. The crops may be harvested by their owners just like normal crops (no need for `/ctb`).
    If you built a farm with protected dirt/farmland/sand/soulsand, and you are going crazy because water does not break the crops, others cannot break it, or `/cti` keeps telling you that the crop is reinforced, then unprotect the farmland. The farmland and crops being unprotected is the price you pay for having a semiautomatic farm.

    #List of Commands

    |Name |Usage |Shortcut|
    | ------------- |-------------- |-------|
    |Create Group |/ctcreate <group-name> |/ctc |
    |Delete Group |/ctdelete <group-name> |/ctdel |
    |Group Info |/ctgroupinfo <group-name> |/ctgi |
    |Transfer Group |/cttransfer <group-name> <target-player-name> |/ctt |
    |Group Password (“null” disables password/join) |/ctpassword <group-name> <password> |/ctpw |
    |Add Moderator |/ctaddmod <group-name> <player-name> |/ctam |
    |Remove Moderator |/ctremovemod <group-name> <player-name> |/ctrm |
    |Allow Member |/ctallow <group-name> <player-name> |/cta |
    |Disallow Member |/ctdisallow <group-name> <player-name> |/ctd |
    |Join Group |/ctjoin <group-name> <group-password> |/ctj |
    |Leave Group |/ctleave <group-name> |/ctl |
    |List Your Groups |/ctgroups | /ctgs |
    |List Moderators of Your Group |/ctmoderators <group-name> |/ctmods|
    |List Members of Your Group |/ctmembers <group-name> |/ctm |
    |Bypass Mode |/ctbypass |/ctb |
    |Fortify Mode |/ctfortify [security-level] |/ctf |
    |- |/ctfortify group <group-name> |- |
    |Group Mode |/ctgroup <group-name> |/ctg |
    |Reinforce Mode |/ctreinforce [security-level] |/ctr |
    |- |/ctreinforce group <group-name> |- |
    |Private Mode |/ctprivate |/ctpr |
    |Public Mode |/ctpublic |/ctpu |
    |Info Mode |/ctinfo |/cti |
    |Toggle Modes Off |/ctoff |/cto |
    |Possible Reinforcement Materials |/ctmaterials |/ctmat |
    |Non Reinforceable |/ctnonreinforceable |/ctn |
    |Reinforcements that are securable |/ctsecurable |/cts |
    |Plugin Version |/ctversion |/ctv |
    |Stats |/ctstats | |
    |Help |/help Citadel | |
    |Insecure Mode† |/ctinsecure |/ctis |

    > † Command which enters the player into insecure-mode, similar to info-mode. Hitting reinforced blocks causes them to toggle their insecure flag. This only affects hopper transfers at the moment by overriding the security when the hopper is transferring from or into a less secure block. The source block of the item movement is the one for which this flag matters. The player must be the founder or a moderator of the block's group to toggle the flag. For example, your hopper sorting machine is all reinforced with your group. At the end of it you want to provide copious amounts of cobble free to the unwashed masses. Without the insecure flag, it's not possible to move the items into a public chest. By toggling the insecure bit on your group reinforced hopper that dumps into the public chest, the items will now flow into the chest. Also, it's possible to make transfers between two groups work by having a source chest flagged insecure with the next group's hopper feeding from it.

    <> = mandatory [] = optional
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