Citizens CMD 1.2.0

Add commands to a Citizens NPC.

  1. ipsyko
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12


    Citizens CMD is an addition to the plugin Citizens that allows you to execute commands by right clicking an NPC.
    This plugin NEEDS Citizens to be installed, download it here.

    Check CitizensCMD on GitHub.
    For issues please post it here.

    Multiple commands on right click.
    Clicking cooldown.
    Custom permissions for set commands.
    One time use command.
    Custom messages.
    Custom display.

    %p%|%player% - Clicking player's name.

    Commands and Permissions

    citizenscmd.* - For all permissions
    /npcmd - Displays list of all commands - citizenscmd.npcmd
    /npcmd add <console/noPerms/custom*> <command> - Adds command to selected NPC - citizenscmd.add
    /npcmd edit <cmd/perm> <id> <new cmd/perm> - Edits a command or permission from NPC - citizenscmd.edit
    /npcmd cooldown <timeInSeconds**> - Sets cooldown to selected NPC - citizenscmd.cooldown

    /npcmd list - Displays list of all commands and permissions to the selected NPC - citizenscmd.list
    /npcmd remove <id/ALL> - Removes 1 command or all from selected NPC - citizenscmd.remove
    /npcmd reload - Reloads Config and Saves files - citizenscmd.reload

    *custom permission, for example to execute the command /heal from essentials you should add essentials.heal to it.
    -1 on cooldown for a one time use command.

    Code (Text):
    SavedNPCs:    #Identifier, don't change.
      '0':    #NPC ID
        cooldown: 0    #Command cooldown in seconds, default set as 0.
        customPerms: essentials.broadcast; essentials.broadcast    #custom permissions for the command, default set as "console", permissions separated by ';'.
        commands: broadcast test command; broadcast test command 2    #command to be executed, commands separated by ';'.

    Code (Text):
    NoPermission: '&4You have no permissions to perform this command!'
    CooldownMinutesSeconds: '&3Please wait &6%M% and %S% &3before using this NPC again.'
    CooldownSeconds: '&3Please wait &6%S% &3before using this NPC again.'
    InvalidCommand: '&7Command not found &3/npcmd &7for help.'
    CooldownDaysHours: '&3Please wait &6%D% and %H% &3before using this NPC again.'
    CooldownHoursMinutes: '&3Please wait &6%H% and %M% &3before using this NPC again.'
    OneTimeClick: '&3You can only use this NPC once!'

    Video Tutorial

    Thanks for!

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    Be sure to leave a like if you liked the plugin, and feedbacks are welcomed!

    Feel free to write some criticisms and suggestions. ♥

    This plugin was made by me Mateus Moreira.

    If you think the plugin was useful for you and you want to support the creator feel free to hit the donate button.

    Thanks for downloading!
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Recent Reviews

  1. EshanK711
    Version: 1.2.0
    I don't want to rate this plugin based on my issue. I'm not able to right-click my NPC and having it open my command. I have even set it to RIGHT and it still doesn't open. Please help.
    1. ipsyko
  2. KamThail
    Version: 1.2.0
    Please add npc price!!!!
    Please add npc price!!!!
    Please add npc price!!!!
    Please add npc price!!!!
  3. Fale
    Version: 1.2.0
    Love this plugin, lets me make my villagers sell commands to my players! Works amazing! :)
  4. ScuroK
    Version: 1.1.0
    Works well on spigot for minecraft 1.12.2. thanks alot for this awesome and very useful plugin! <3
  5. Seff300
    Version: 1.1.0
    This is my first plugin review and I'm happy that I can give this plugin 5 stars. It works very well and useful for my server.
    Keep up the good work :)
  6. pcmasn
    Version: 1.1.0
    Awesome plugin, i just wish there was a way to make someone pay to use the citizen, if there is a way please help
  7. PolskiRikoYT
    Version: 1.1.0
    Best plugin, better than CommandNPC
  8. rightfootmessi
    Version: 1.1.0
    This plugin works like a charm, except it doesn't have support for Bungee commands.
  9. LambrosYT
    Version: 1.1.0
    I use this plugin 2 months now with no bugs etc... I love it! Excellent developer and the updates is super! Thanks for sharing this!

    Keep going man!
  10. calvin487487
    Version: 1.1.0
    Awesome Plugin!
    Thank you for update the new features!
    Keep going! :D