Citizens CMD 2.4

Add commands to a Citizens NPC.

  1. CitizensCMD 2.2 Cooldowns bug fix and Sound changes

    CitizensCMD v2.2:
    Hopefully completely fixed the cooldownds problem where the number would randomly go to many days. Because of the changes on how cooldowns are handled, the cooldowns.yml file will be reset, which means one click NPCs will be lost, I'm sorry, I tried to keep them but really had to reset all.
    Moved the command /npcmd sound to /npcmd add sound, this makes it more flexible, which means you can now set multiple sounds to make it more interactive, will be even better when the next update comes (command delay will be added)!
    Added the option to disable the self disable of the plugin if Citizens is not found, simply add "citizens-check: false" to your config if you want it.

    The wiki has been updated for the new changes, click here to check.

    If you encounter any please post it here to get it fixed!
    Suggestions are also very welcome, click here to suggest a feature!
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