Citizens CMD 2.4

Add commands to a Citizens NPC.

  1. CitizensCMD 2.4 - Bug fixes, command changes, better performance.

    CitizensCMD v2.4:

    After many asked me to do it for so long I decided to open my own discord server to give support for CitizensCMD. You can join it here!

    This is a re-upload of 2.4 to fix small bug.

    • Complete rewrite of command system, no longer should give tab completion errors.
    • New cooldown time system, increases performance when spam clicking on an NPC that is on cooldown.
    • Changed permission "none" to...
  2. CitizensCMD 2.3.2 Priced NPC fixed.

    CitizensCMD v2.3.2:
    Fixed priced NPC not confirming, caused by previous version.

    If you encounter any please post it here to get it fixed!
    Suggestions are also very welcome, click here to suggest a feature!
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  3. CitizensCMD 2.3.1 Data copy when NPC is copied.

    CitizensCMD v2.3.1:
    When copying an NPC with /npc copy, all the commands data will also be copied to the new NPC.

    If you encounter any please post it here to get it fixed!
    Suggestions are also very welcome, click here to suggest a feature!
  4. CitizensCMD 2.3 Command delays, per NPC permission and more

    CitizensCMD v2.3:
    Took some time but command delays are finally here!
    To make that happen I changed the tag -d (used to mean NPC display name) to -n and the tag -d now represents delay.
    How to set a delay, when adding a command simply add -d <time> for example:
    /npcmd add message...
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  5. CitizensCMD 2.2 Cooldowns bug fix and Sound changes

    CitizensCMD v2.2:
    Hopefully completely fixed the cooldownds problem where the number would randomly go to many days. Because of the changes on how cooldowns are handled, the cooldowns.yml file will be reset, which means one click NPCs will be lost, I'm sorry, I tried to keep them but really had to reset all.
    Moved the command /npcmd sound to /npcmd add sound, this makes it more flexible, which means you can now set multiple sounds to make it...
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  6. CitizensCMD 2.1 - Messages and Sound!

    Migrating from CitizensCMD-1.2.2 to CitizensCMD-2.0 Guide

    CitizensCMD v2.1:
    Added /npcmd add message - allows you to send raw messages, supporting color.
    Added tag -d to the message command, using this will make the message display the NPC name before the message.
  7. CitizensCMD 2.0 + Complete rewrite.

  8. Timings fix

    Fixed some timings issues.
    Updates is now only shown to OP's, was being displayed to all players.
    OP's joining might still cause some high timings.

    I'll be working on a bigger update soon which will fix more issues and add new features.
  9. Recent errors fix + new update checker + notice

    Fix the most recent error on enable.
    Added a faster more reliable update checker with more content.

    Feedback: I've been listening to everyone's feedback, I love most of your ideas and I'll be working on implementing them soon, so please be patient.
    Performance: I am also aware of some performance issues, which I have been trying to improve with every update, but I am not good at performance, so if there is anyone who would be whiling to help me out with it...
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  10. Bungee commands support

    Added support to /server command.