CityWorld v4.05

The great outdoors is all fine and good but sometimes you just want to go to town.

  1. Now with loot table support (thanks to kosakriszi)

    kosakriszi added support for chest loot tables.
    fixed a few underwater foliage generation
    added some more settings to allow folks to turn off things
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  2. Reworked settings

    CityWorld will now create a default config.yml on startup and one (<worldname>.yml) for each world generated by CityWorld.
    The config.yml's default settings section will be used as the initial settings for each new world.
    CityWorld will try to keep all of the existing world settings from config.yml when initially creating the individual world YML files. It will not delete the data from config.yml, you can do that once you verify the new files.
  3. Small update for CityWorld

    Fixed more 1.13.2 glitches and includes work by jyhsu2000
  4. Bug fixes for non-cityworld worlds

    Thanks for the bug report folks

    Fixed a seaanimal spawn problem
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  5. Minor bug fixes

    Version checking for pre-1.13.2 versions of Spigot/Minecraft
    Adjusted the odds for certain buildings being generated in cities
  6. CityWorld beta for 1.13.2

    With some help from I think CityWorld is nearly ready for 1.13.x. This is a beta folks so please send feedback.

    While it should work with existing config files, I personally recommend you consider starting fresh as that will automatically populate the config file with all those new materials.

    Thanks for the ongoing support
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  7. Support for 1.12 (do not use on older versions of Minecraft/Spigot)

    Chests are now in buildings, their contents can be configured
    Version verification shouldn't cause anymore problems with previews
    Tree generation is configurable via SpawnTrees valid range is 0.0 to 1.0. The bigger the number the more trees, the smaller the less.
    Now with Polar bears and Bats (not in the same place)
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  8. Trying to fix an update issue

    Made CityWorld more resilient to WorldEdit issue. Now if WorldEdit has an issue, instead of causing an exception, CityWorld will simply not use WorldEdit... mind you it also means you won't get schema pasting.

    And trying to figure out why CityWorld's uploaded version isn't correct.
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  9. Fixed a bug that made the cities WAY too New Your city like

    ...and some the_end generation issues related to trees.
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  10. Fixed a few bugs and added a new building type or two

    In "honor" of the current election season, I have finally gotten around to adding municipal buildings. You know those gaudy big white buildings with all the columns... and let's not forget those crazy statues and monuments. Wow it is strange what folks think is necessary to run a government.

    Funny story: the original Roman and Greek buildings that municipal buildings are modeled after, were not actually all white. Can you imagine what the US' White House, UK's Buckingham Palace, or France's...