ClaimXP 1.1

A simple-to-use plugin for claiming items through the use of levels. Highly configurable.

  1. XpanD
    ClaimXP is a plugin that allows your players to turn their experience into a predetermined quantity of a predetermined item. It is extremely simple to use, with just a single command for normal players -- /claimxp, alias /cxp.

    The plugin is zippy (currently just 10KB!), configurable (think 15 configurable messages for just about any situation, a toggle-able debug logging mode, per-gamemode exclusions and more) and can add a genuinely fun new element to your server, allowing people to fire off excess levels for things they can actually use.

    /claimxp (or /cxp) -- exchanges a set amount of levels for a set item.
    /claimxp reload (or /cxp reload) -- reloads the config file from disk, if there.

    PERMISSIONS: -- allows /cxp, given to everybody by default.
    claimxp.reload -- allows /cxp reload, OP-only by default.

    Feel free to make your own modifications, just give credits where credits are due.

    Plugin made by XpanD. (xPXpanD, SUXpanD)
    Some help from Xenoyia:
    Contains some snippets from Bukkit forum user Barinade:

    Connect to:
    The plugin was originally made for the above server, and we're running the default config.

    Thanks for reading! Enjoy the plugin, if you nab it. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. OfirTIM
    Version: 1.1
    i would to say that is really great idea and really great plugin! Useful at other servers that does'nt working with Ecomoneyand working with XP! amazing Work! i give 5 Rating Stars!
  2. Xenoyia
    Version: 1.1
    Great plugin, very useful if your world is lacking certain resources! :D