Clans - Clan System | [1.7 - 1.14] 0.3.5

A simple Clan System that supports Teaming & Ranking

  1. Phloxz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14



    Configurable Clan Name Length
    Configurable ChatFormat
    Configurable Permission (Toggleable)
    Configurable Prefix
    No MySQL Support - Configuration Files only
    Supports Clan Kills
    Supports No Team - Damage (Clan Members can't damage each other)
    Configurable Clan Color(s) (handled by Clan kill amount)
    Configurable Clan Base
    Configurable Messages
    Cached UUID System
    Clan Base Mechanics
    Custom Addons

    PlaceholderAPI Support from @clip
    MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support from @Maximvdw

    %clan_tag% & %colored_clan_tag% with the PlaceholderAPI from @clip
    {clan_tag} & {colored_clan_tag} with the MVdWPlaceholderAPI from @Maximvdw

    Code (Text):

    - 0-99:&7
    - 100-299:&a
    - 500:&c

    This means for example in line 1, you need at least 0 Kills and a Max value of 99 to receive color &7 (Gray)
    and so on.
    On the end you need to add only 1 number like in this list its 500 so you need at least 500 or more ( doesn't matter how many, can be 10000 and higher)

    For people who need their own chat format you can request a clan name easy by using this api

    Code (Text):

    ClanConfiguration clanConfiguration = new ClanConfiguration();

    String clan = clanConfiguration.getClan("ClanName");

    or use this to get a clan of a player ( can be null )
    Code (Text):

    ClanConfiguration clanConfiguration = new ClanConfiguration();

    String clan = clanConfiguration.getClan(player);

    to receive the clan that include's the prefix use this:
    Code (Text):

    ClanConfiguration clanConfiguration = new ClanConfiguration();

    String clan = clanConfiguration.getClan(player);

    String clan_with_prefix = clanConfiguration.getPrefix(clan);


    List of Addons
    ChatAddon - Allows Clan Members to chat in a private Clan Channel
    RenameAddon - Allows Clan Leaders to rename their Clan
    KillAddon - Custom Clan Death Messages
    ShowAddon - Show Players Clan
    CreateAddon - Handle Broadcast Messages on Creating Clans ( Based on Events )

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Recent Reviews

  1. FendiTony777
    Version: 0.3.5
    You loose PEX prefix when ChatFormatEnable is true.
    I don't get how to have the Clan name and The PEX prefix at same time
    1. Phloxz
      Author's Response
      Only PlaceholderApi supported chat Plugins Work.
  2. Salim159
    Version: 0.3.5

  3. mc-luxe
    Version: 0.3.5
    It is very necessary to set the display of the clan prefix in the config. I wish you success in the development!
  4. Nybon
    Version: 0.3.5
    Not a bad plugin, but I think it need more features. Stabile with no bugs (Spigot 1.8.8).
    1. Phloxz
      Author's Response
      Have you checked the existing addons for the Plugin? ^^
  5. Dark5mile
    Version: 0.3.5
  6. Peda
    Version: 0.3.5
    Very cool clan plugin!
    But could you put up the project on github, that more people can work on this plugin?
  7. xSlayn
    Version: 0.3.5
    Can you make the plugin for 1.14?
    it is nice to use the plugin for my 1.14 server.
    1. Phloxz
      Author's Response
      Of course there will be an Update for 1.14 on the next update
  8. TheGoldenMCGod
    Version: 0.3.5
    Nice, but could you add clan enemy's and clan's truce? Finally, maybe a /clan vault?
  9. Joker6233
    Version: 0.3.5
    Good plugin. I really liked it, but there is one flaw with permissions. Who has problems with this, I will tell you how to fix it. Add to pex:
    - clans. *
    And then cross out what the player does not need to do:
    - -clan.reload.
    If you add clan money, I would be very grateful to you. Thanks for the effort.
  10. TadiklCZE
    Version: 0.3.5
    PlaceHolders dont work for me :( (I am using PlaceholderAPI - %clan_tag%).........
    1. Phloxz
      Author's Response
      Try %clans_clan_tag% :) some placeholderapi's require the Plugin Name aswell