Clans - Clan System | [1.7 - 1.15] 0.4.2

A simple Clan System that supports Teaming & Ranking

  1. [Added] Internal API Methods

    Added internal API Methods for an upcoming addon that requires them.​
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  2. [Fixed] Kill Issue

    Fixed an Issue that stopped counting Kills if DamageEnabled was toggled in the config.​
  3. [Fixed] Clan Prefix in Clan Stats

    Fixed an Issue that Clan Color Prefix wasn't displayed if it was enabled in the Stats Section
  4. [Updated] MC 1.15

    Updated the Resource to support Spigot 1.15​
  5. [Fixed] Placeholder Issue

    Fixed an Issue that occured on the latest PlaceholderAPI Update.​
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  6. [Added] JoinEvent & Internal Methods

    Added an new JoinEvent for my new Join Addon Resource.
  7. [Updated] Clip's PlaceholderAPI

    Updated Clip's PlaceholderAPI to the new Version!​
  8. [Updated] MC 1.13

    Updated Clans to Spigot 1.13​
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  9. [Fixed] Base Teleport | V 0.3.4

    Fixed an Issue that occured on editing an internal List of Base Teleportations ​
  10. [Fixed] Custom Chat Format | V 0.3.3

    Fixed an Issue that other Plugins like Essentials Chat System wasn't able to convert the clan tags
    Removed "CustomChatFormat" Path from the config since its no longer necessary, just use {clan_tag} in your plugin's chat system for a non colored tag, or {colored_clan_tag} for a colored clan tag.​