Clans - Clan System | [1.7 - 1.16] 0.4.5

A simple Clan System that supports Teaming & Ranking

  1. Phloxz
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16



    Configurable Clan Name Length
    Configurable ChatFormat
    Configurable Permission (Toggleable)
    Configurable Prefix
    No MySQL Support - Configuration Files only
    Supports Clan Kills
    Supports No Team - Damage (Clan Members can't damage each other)
    Configurable Clan Color(s) (handled by Clan kill amount)
    Configurable Clan Base
    Configurable Messages
    Cached UUID System
    Clan Base Mechanics
    Custom Addons

    PlaceholderAPI Support from @clip
    MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support from @Maximvdw

    %clans_clan_tag% & %clans_colored_clan_tag% with the PlaceholderAPI from @clip
    {clan_tag} & {colored_clan_tag} with the MVdWPlaceholderAPI from @Maximvdw

    Code (Text):

    - 0-99:&7
    - 100-299:&a
    - 500:&c

    This means for example in line 1, you need at least 0 Kills and a Max value of 99 to receive color &7 (Gray)
    and so on.
    On the end you need to add only 1 number like in this list its 500 so you need at least 500 or more ( doesn't matter how many, can be 10000 and higher)

    For people who need their own chat format you can request a clan name easy by using this api

    Code (Text):

    ClanConfiguration clanConfiguration = new ClanConfiguration();

    String clan = clanConfiguration.getClan("ClanName");

    or use this to get a clan of a player ( can be null )
    Code (Text):

    ClanConfiguration clanConfiguration = new ClanConfiguration();

    String clan = clanConfiguration.getClan(player);

    to receive the clan that include's the prefix use this:
    Code (Text):

    ClanConfiguration clanConfiguration = new ClanConfiguration();

    String clan = clanConfiguration.getClan(player);

    String clan_with_prefix = clanConfiguration.getPrefix(clan);


    List of Addons
    ChatAddon - Allows Clan Members to chat in a private Clan Channel
    RenameAddon - Allows Clan Leaders to rename their Clan
    KillAddon - Custom Clan Death Messages
    ShowAddon - Show Players Clan
    CreateAddon - Handle Broadcast Messages on Creating Clans ( Based on Events )
    ChestAddon - Exchange your Items in the Clan with other Members

    Spanish Video

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Recent Reviews

  1. gogopro
    Version: 0.4.5
    Giant memory leak, no database support. If not include that factors - good. So situative plugin. But for free.
  2. FlaredMokoYT
    Version: 0.4.5
    Best Clan Plugin. Can you please add a roles here like [CLAN] [Leader] * TestUser12 >> Test Chat
  3. bLevi
    Version: 0.4.5
    Terrible beacuse i have a normal prefix (Owener) bekilevi and this plugin changed into /Clan name/ * bekilevi THIS IS TERRIBLE
  4. IPenguinI
    Version: 0.4.5
    fix clan pvp pls this is good plugin but config'ing clan PVP off doesnt work :/ .
  5. Maesket
    Version: 0.4.5
    Hello, this Plugin is very good but i cant use the placeholderapi (thats very sad)
  6. JDomonkos
    Version: 0.4.5
    The placeholder has a bug where if the player is not in a clan it will show a random clan name (i use skript with Ersatz for the placeholder support)
    pls help me or fix it
  7. RaulNeri
    Version: 0.4.5
    Hello, very good plugin, I just found an error, when you create a Clan, with / clan create "name", if the "name" already exists it will deduct the money for creating it anyway, it should not charge you if the clan already exists . I hope they solve it. Thank you for reading.
  8. Monci
    Version: 0.4.5
    nice clans plugin. super recommended. dont forget its free!!!
    easy to change prefix and message.
  9. IlikoBack
    Version: 0.4.5
    Nice plugin! Very useful for my Survival server. Tested on more than 30 players network. Great plugin. By: VoidNetwork Owner
  10. Ostro3ve3d
    Version: 0.4.5
    I believe you will add clan alliances and alliance chat. When it appears, I will be able to put 5 stars