Clans for Party and Friends Extended for Bungeecord

Clan/Guild Extension or Party and Friends Extended Edition for Bungeecord

  1. Enhanced loading time

    • Enhanced loading time
  2. Added compatibility for spigot 1.14, Adding compatibility for Party and Friends 1.0.185-E

    • Added compatibility for spigot 1.14
    • Adding compatibility for Party and Friends 1.0.185-E
    • No version older than Party and Friends 1.0.185-E will work with this version
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  3. Added max players per clan

    • You may set the maximum of players who can be in a clan in the config under "General.MaxPlayersPerClan" (if it is set to 0 there is no maximum)
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  4. Fixed problems with 1.13

    • This update fixes some bugs which are caused by the spigot compatibility api
      • To fix these problems the 1.13 the plugin now uses the native instead of the compatibility api. If you created addons for clans you might need to update them to make sure they are still working with this update when 1.13 is used
    • Added support for giving a setting a priority
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  5. Fixed wrong jar

    • With the last update I accidentally uploaded the wrong jar, which caused, that the plugin did not work
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  6. Added RankStat interface

    • Added the interface de.simonsator.partyandfriends.clan.api.RankedStat. It can be implemented into new Stats, so that when the update for the /clan top command is released those stats are supporting the new command
  7. Fixed reload issue

    • Fixed a reload issue
  8. Fixed config creation

    • Fixed config creation
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  9. Made clan request menu a page

    • Made the clan request menu a page, so it matches the design of PAF
    • Added optional no clan invitation item to the clan request menu if a player does not have any clan requests
    • Set the default minimum of the size of the clan request menu 45, like in every other page
    • The default of "GUI.OpenClanRequestMenuWithoutHavingRequests" is now true
  10. Fixed problems with newest version of Party and Friends

    • Fixed a problem which prevented Clans starting correctly on the newest party and friends version
    • Fixed a problem with the gui and clans which had more then 45 players
    • Added new gui features
      • Added new Clan optional GUI item "invite into party"