Clans for Party and Friends Extended

Clan/Guild Extension or Party and Friends Extended Edition for Bungeecord

  1. Added RankStat interface

    • Added the interface de.simonsator.partyandfriends.clan.api.RankedStat. It can be implemented into new Stats, so that when the update for the /clan top command is released those stats are supporting the new command
  2. Fixed reload issue

    • Fixed a reload issue
  3. Fixed config creation

    • Fixed config creation
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  4. Made clan request menu a page

    • Made the clan request menu a page, so it matches the design of PAF
    • Added optional no clan invitation item to the clan request menu if a player does not have any clan requests
    • Set the default minimum of the size of the clan request menu 45, like in every other page
    • The default of "GUI.OpenClanRequestMenuWithoutHavingRequests" is now true
  5. Fixed problems with newest version of Party and Friends

    • Fixed a problem which prevented Clans starting correctly on the newest party and friends version
    • Fixed a problem with the gui and clans which had more then 45 players
    • Added new gui features
      • Added new Clan optional GUI item "invite into party"
  6. Added clans gui

    Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-18 um 21.45.01.png
    Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-18 um 21.45.35.png
    • Added a clans GUI
      • Manage your clan members
      • Added own block commands
      • Get infos about your clan via GUI
      • Leave your clan via GUI
    • Fixed a problem caused by the party gui
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  7. Change max length of clan tag

    • Execute the command /clanadmin maxlengthtag <new length> from console to change the max length of clan tags
    • Some small bug fixes
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  8. List Only One Stat

    • You can now use /clans stat <clan name> <clan stat> to get a specific clan stat
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  9. Added optional messages

    • Added a few optional messages which can be activated/disabled in config
    • Fixed that sometimes a player was invited into a clan which should not have been able to be invited
    • Fixed clan join message was sometimes not sended correctly
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  10. Added possibility to disable more subcommands

    • Added the possibility to disable more subcommands. You can disable them in the config.
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