Clans for Party and Friends Extended

Clan/Guild Extension or Party and Friends Extended Edition for Bungeecord

  1. Added permissions

    • Added permissions for clan subcommands
  2. Made it working with the newest version of PAF

    • Made it working with the newest version of PAF
  3. Use of connection pool, Further improvemnets

    • Use of connection pool
      • Makes the plugin faster especially on big servers
      • Unlike in the beta some errors were removed
    • Made the out printing of the help line after a user used a command wrongly optional
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  4. Added clan admin commands, added forbidden text

    • Added the clanadmin command maxlengthname to change the max length of clan names
    • Added a forbiddentext.yml to forbid clans to use insulting texts or color codes in their names/tags
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  5. Added optional SSL connection

    • Added optional SSL for MySQL connection
    • If you don't use the extended version of PAF you will get a message when you type in /clans
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  6. Added reload function

    • Uses a new method of PAF, so clans also reloads when party and friends is reloading
  7. Added ClanAdmin

    • Added the command ClanAdmin
      • It can only be executed via console
      • The admin can delete clans and kick players from the clan
    • Added an optional message which is send to all clan members, when a player joined
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  8. Improved performance, New standards for GUI

    • After the GUI was redesigned the invite item has a new place to fit into the new design (can be changed in the config)
    • Faster connecting of Strings
  9. Fixed bugs

    • Fixed that some German messages were missing
    • Fixed that plugins which used the API could read some data wrongly
    • The spigot api supports MVdWPlaceholder from now on
  10. Added tab complete

    • Added tab complete for clan commands
    • Fixed that the display name provider was overwritten by other display name provider