Clans for Party and Friends Extended

Clan/Guild Extension or Party and Friends Extended Edition for Bungeecord

  1. Added self chosen permissions for subcommands

    • Added self chosen permissions for subcommands
  2. Updated the design of /clan stats

    • Changed the design of /clan stats
    • For that also parts of the api was changed
    • To see how to add a clan stat look at this example repo
  3. Changed API

    • Changed the API of clans. Now it is easier to add clan-stats (clan-stats are the thing you see when you execute /clan stats) (now it is very easy). To show you how to do that I created an example repo on GitHub. For a few popular minigames I will create a clan-stat by myself. If you want a clan-stats for a popular minigame just write to me and I will look at it.
  4. Added Events in the api, Needed for correct working of the spigot part to set the display names

    • Added Events in the API
    • This update is needed to make the spigot part, which sets the display names working correctly
  5. Update to new API standards of PAF

    • Updated the plugin to work again with the newest version PAF
  6. Fixed issues

    • Fixed issue #1
      • Added a message, which is output on join, which says: &7To accept an invitation, use the command &5/clan join&7. To decline an invitation, use &5/clan decline&7.
    • Fixed issue #3
      • Fixed that it was output that the player is not in the clan even when he was in the clan, but not when he was not in the clan
    • FIxed issue #5
      • Renamed identifier Create.NameToLong to General.NameTooLong and General.TagToLong to...
  7. Fixed bugs

    • Fixed a SQL Exception
  8. Added german language

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  9. Fixed bugs

    • Fixed npe
    • Fixed onclick commands if renamed
  10. Fixed bugs in combination with redisbungee

    • Fixed bugs in combination with redisbungee