ClassD Manhunt 1.2

Highly customizable Minecraft Manhunt with custom game modes: Escape the Wall, Evacuation Point

  1. Sooslick
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    A game mode for Spigot-based Minecraft servers in which one player becomes the Victim and the rest become Hunters.


    During the lobby stage players propose themselves as the Victim and vote to start. The game begins as soon as enough players vote. One of the candidates (or a random player if nobody proposed themselves) will be the Victim, and the rest will be Hunters. Victim spawns at random location, and they must complete the game mode's objective whereas Hunters have a goal to kill the Victim and spawn at some distance from them.

    • Customizable spawn settings
    spawnDistance - distance between Victim and Hunters spawns
    potionHandicap - brief start buff for the Victim
    startInventory - items that will be given once to every player
    • Victim selection
    The Victim is chosen by random, but priority is given to players that proposed themselves using /manhunt suggest command. Those who don't want to be a Victim and sent the /manhunt exclude command have the lowest priority.
    • Victim detection
    compassUpdates - frequency of Hunters' compasses updates. If enabled, Hunters will receive a compass on every respawn. This compass is pointing to Victim's location or the point where the Victim teleported to another world.
    hideVictimNametagAboveHunters - if the team of Hunters is too big, Victim's nametag become hidden, and Victim cannot be spotted through the wall.
    enableVictimGlowing - permanent Glowing effect for the Victim which may be removed for a while only by milk.
    • Victim's instinct
    Victim receives a text notification when one of Hunters gets too close.
    • Latecomers
    If the game has already started, players who are late still have the ability to send the join request using /manhunt joinrequest command. Only Victim can accept these requests as the late players can only become Hunters.
    • Replayability
    Each round, random spawn points are picked, and when the round ends, the plugin will clean most of the stuff left by players, such as chests, beds, portals and dropped items. They will be removed and cannot be used in the next game. Nonetheless, we recommend creating a new world for every single game.
    • Custom game modes
    A lot of various game modes based on simple Manhunt rules can be made using the plugin's functionality. By default, a couple game modes are available:

    Classic Any%: just Minecraft. The only objective for the Victim is killing the Ender Dragon by any means.

    Escape the Wall: play area is restricted by an unpassable wall of bedrock with a few exit spots made of obsidian. Victim's objective is to pass through the Wall.

    Evacuation Point: the Victim is waiting for evacuation "vehicle" and must get on as soon as it lands.



    Installing and configuring
    1. Put the downloaded .jar file in your server's /plugins folder.
    2. Restart your server. We do not recommend using /reload command because it may cause issues in plugins' work
    3. Configure the generated config.yml in /plugins/ClassD. Settings will be applied after restarting the server or after finishing the game's round.
    Code (Text):

    ######## CORE ########
    #More console output
    debugMode: false
    #Block filler performance
    blocksPerSecondLimit: 100000

    #Selected gamemode from gamemodes list
    preferredGamemode: any%
    #Available gamemodes and their java classes. Modify this list only if you know what are you doing
      any%: ru.sooslick.outlaw.gamemode.anypercent.AnyPercentBase
      wall: ru.sooslick.outlaw.gamemode.wall.WallGameModeBase
      evacuation: ru.sooslick.outlaw.gamemode.evacuation.EvacuationBase

    #### CORE GAMEPLAY ####
    #Lobby parameters
    minStartVotes: 2
    prestartTimer: 60
    printEndgameStatistics: true

    #Startgame parameters
    spawnRadius: 250
    spawnDistance: 240
    hideVictimNametagAboveHunters: 2
    enablePotionHandicap: true
    enableStartInventory: true

    #Gameplay parameters
    alertRadius: 50
    alertTimeout: 60
    friendlyFireEnabled: true
    denyNetherTravelling: false
    #Allowed values for compassUpdates (case insensitive): Always, OnClick, Never
    compassUpdates: ALWAYS
    compassUpdatesPeriod: 1
    enableVictimGlowing: false
    milkGlowImmunityDuration: 180

    #Start inventory
      OAK_LOG: 3
      COOKIE: 3

      OAK_LOG: 2
      COOKIE: 2

    #Victim will get these effects if enablePotionHandicap is true
    #Duration of effect on game start is
    # (online_players² + 4) * 4 * duration_multiplier seconds
    #where duration_multiplier is number belonging to effect name
      FAST_DIGGING: 1.0

    ####### THE WALL & EVACUATION ##########
    playzoneSize: 1000

    #Escape the Wall parameters
    wallThickness: 8
    spotSize: 4
    groundSpotQty: 3
    airSpotQty: 2
    undergroundSpotQty: 5

    #Evacuation stages
    waitTime: 720
    landingTime: 600
    cordonTime: 300
    cordonZoneSize: 16
    endGameAfterCordon: true


    All commands and features are available for every player except this feature:
    classd.force.start - for starting immediately with any number of players.

    • /manhunt help - show detailed info about game mode, rules and list of commands
    • /manhunt votestart - vote to start the game. Alias is /mh v
    • /manhunt suggest - propose yourself as Victim. Alias is /mh s
    • /manhunt exclude - give up the role of Victim. Alias is /mh e
    • /manhunt joinrequest - send the game join request
    • /manhunt accept - accept received join requests. Alias is /y
    • /manhunt start - force game start
    Older minecraft versions

    Current version of plugin is not compatible with older Minecraft versions. Check out earlier releases in version history:

    > Minecraft 1.16 -> ClassD Manhunt v1.0.3


    In you found a bug, have a problem or a feature request, please visit the issues section on my GitHub or just comment below

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