ClassicLogger 1.4

Track almost anything your players do via ClassicLogger.

  1. BrushPainter


    ClassicLogger generates YAML files for you so you can log everything players on your server do, without a database like MySQL. It will let you know the time a player did something, their username, the location it happened at and exactly what they did. The YAML files will update automatically, without the need of a restart or reload. The configuration file allows you to set an interval of how often you would like to clear the data in the logs, preventing lag build up.

    • Chat messages
    • Executed commands
    • Placed blocks
    • Broken blocks
    • Dropped items
    • Player joins
    • Player leaves
    • Clear the logs automatically using the configuration interval
    • Enable/Disable certain features
    • Permission nodes to bypass certain features
    • classiclogger.bypass.all - Bypass all features
    • - Bypass the chat feature
    • classiclogger.bypass.commands - Bypass the commands feature
    • classiclogger.bypass.itemdrops - Bypass the dropped items feature
    • classiclogger.bypass.joins - Bypass the join feature
    • classiclogger.bypass.leaves - Bypass the leave feature
    • classiclogger.bypass.blockplaces - Bypass the placed blocks feature
    • classiclogger.bypass.blockbreaks - Bypass the broken blocks feature
    Coming soon:
    • I have ran out of ideas, please feel free to comment your ideas below.
    If you would like ClassicLogger to log anything else, please submit a ticket and I will try my best to fulfill your needs.