ClayFarming 0.4.1

Use water to transform one block into another

  1. Item Drops

    Transformed blocks can now drop items!

    Set 'ItemDrops.Enabled' to true in config.yml, hold an item in your hand, then use '/cfarm addhand 5.0' to add that item with a 5% chance of dropping on transformation.

    Feel free to add other items. You must edit items.yml manually to remove unwanted items. Reloading is not necessary when changing items.yml.

    This feature is beta and may have issues. If you find any, you can simply toggle this feature back off until issues are resolved.
  2. BlockUpdates

    You can now customize which liquids will transform blocks, including lava, or possibly even custom (Forge) liquid materials.

    Previously, the plugin would use the movement of water itself to determine if a block needed to be transformed. Now, block updates are used. Despite the increased frequency of block checking (1000x/second), this way is much more reliable, and doesn't cause any performance issues. Blocks under (or next to) water in previously generated and new chunks are unaffected...
  3. Update for 1.13 water

    Should work fine for 1.13+ servers now.
    Also updated bStats.
  4. 0.2.5: Fix configuration reload

  5. 0.2.4: Add Compatibility Manager

  6. 0.2.3: Update Configuration Manager

  7. 0.2.1: Added Particles